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Chapter 3510: Isn’t This Courting Death? (3)

Huang Fuzhao was startled, “That’s right, but… Li Moying and the others entered such a dangerous place, can they still come out intact?”

Huang Sanbai said: “Of course it is impossible to be intact. However, Li Moying is a god-level genius of the Cloudy Qilin Clan. How could the old guys from the Cloudy Qilin Clan not give him a life-saving artifact? Therefore, if he’s lucky, he can still come out alive.”

Hearing this, Huang Shuangyu also contemplated for a moment before she nodded slowly in agreement: “Third Brother is right! I think it is impossible for Li Moying to die here like this! Besides, even if he really did, we still have to confirm this news first, so that we can report back to the Patriarch, right?”

When Huang Sanbai heard the words, he nodded again and again, “Second Sister still understands me! Even if Li Moying is likely to fold here, we have to confirm this. Therefore, in my humble opinion, we have to be near that dangerous area. Monitor the situation inside. If Li Moying and the others do not show up after a month or two, there is a high possibility that he will die inside. If he suddenly appears…”


Speaking of which, Huang Sanbai paused.

Huang Shuangyu frowned, “What if that kid comes out alive?”

Huang Fuzhao slapped his thigh sharply, “Elder Shuangyu, does that need to be said? If that kid comes out alive, we just take advantage of him and kill him on the spot! Think about it, even if he can save his life, he will be injured. It won’t be light, we can easily kill him with a shot!”

The corners of Huang Sanbai’s mouth rose slightly, indescribably satisfied.

These two elders have been cultivating in the family all the year round. They don’t have enough experience. They don’t know that people’s hearts are sinister.

Huang Fuzhao also took the initiative to say what he didn’t say!

Now, Huang Fuzhao came up with this idea, and if the family investigates it in the future, he will be able to clear the relationship.

Huang Sanbai was proud in his heart, but his face did not show, he said indifferently: “As Elder Zhao said, we will kill Li Moying in the jungle, there is another advantage, no one can tell that Li Moying died in our hands! He died in the process of searching for the secret realm, in short, it has nothing to do with our Sacred Phoenix Clan!”

Both Huang Shuangyu and Huang Fuzhao’s eyes lit up, and they repeatedly praised Huang Sanbai for being thoughtful.

Huang Sanbai cupped her hands and said humble words, but she was already thinking about the next step after killing Li Moying and Huang Yueli.

Finally, he opened his mouth and proposed: “I am afraid that the task of monitoring in the dangerous area will be handed over to the Second Sister and the Elder Zhao. I have other things here. In order to avoid accidents in the process of killing Li Moying, I plan to contact the branch of the ‘Dark Lord’ and borrow a few experts to help.”

When Huang Sanbai said these words, Huang Shuangyu and Huang Fuzhao were both stunned.

There was a station of the killer organization “Dark Lord” in Forest Shade Town, which they discovered when they first came.

However, a few of them didn’t take it to heart, let alone ask each other for help.

Although Li Moying was a god-level genius born every 10,000 years, but with a few guards who are not top powerhouses, Huang Shuangyu and the others believe that they are enough to deal with it.

“Elder Sanbai, you must be thinking too much, right? Isn’t it just a matter of dealing with a few cultivators in the Heart Profound Realm, making such a fuss? Hiring a Dark Lord killer is not a small expense?” Huang Shuangyu frowned.