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Chapter 3509: Isn’t This Courting Death? (2)

Huang Sanbai said slowly: “I don’t know if he is courting death, but it is a fact that you can’t find him in other places. Since there is no other possibility, then he can only go to the West!”

When Huang Fuzhao heard the words, he fell into deep contemplation.

After a long while, he said: “Elder Sanbai, your analysis is indeed reasonable. Now that I think about it, generally such an evil place will have a mystery, whether it is an ancient secret realm, or a place where a treasure is born. After all, chances are indispensable. It seems , Li Moying really came here for that place!”

Huang Sanbai nodded and said: “This old man thinks so too! Li Moying, the majestic Young Master of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, stopped at such a small place, it is impossible just for some jade quartz mines! If it is for the secret realm and treasure, then that’s understandable!”


Huang Shuangyu ws not a fool, after listening to the analysis of the two, she had to admit that they are right.

However, she still had a sneer on her face, “If he really came here for the treasure in that place, then we can save trouble. I think Li Moying has probably died in it! Third brother, did you I don’t know if I’ve been to that ghostly place! It’s full of evil qi, and there are all kinds of weird arrays. I see that among the corpses on the ground, there are many cultivators with higher cultivation levels than us! Just based on Li Moying and the others… … hmph!”

When Huang Sanbai heard the words, he felt stifled in his heart.

Of course he knows how dangerous that area is!

When he followed Li Moying and the others yesterday, he had already experienced it personally! He almost lost his life there! In the end, he didn’t dare to continue to follow him. Knowing that the target person was nearby, he could only run back in a desperate manner, trying to find another way…

However, fortunately, he still found a way!

Thinking of his plan, Huang Sanbai restrained his expressions and movements, for fear of revealing his true thoughts.

He nodded and said: “Second Sister is right! I also think that it is very difficult for Li Moying and the others to get out of such a dangerous place! Speaking of which, this kid from the Cloudy Qilin Clan is really stupid. The Young Master of the Cloudy Qilin Clan doesn’t want to do it, and the resources of the family are not needed, so he insists on marrying a woman from the lower realm, and even goes outside to find resources for her… Tsk tsk, it really died for a woman!”

Huang Sanbai said along with Huang Shuangyu, but he knew very well in his heart that Li Moying’s ability was much stronger than what Huang Shuangyu and the others had imagined!

People who haven’t seen it personally can’t imagine it!

What’s more, there was Huang Yueli beside him!

That little girl was also an unreasonably strong existence!

What’s more, Huang Sanbai saw Huang Yueli break the array technique with his own eyes yesterday. That little girl has a map in her hand, and she has such a superb array technique attainment!

Coupled with Li Moying’s superb ability to control profound energy…

It might be possible for them to pass through that dangerous area and enter the secret realm!

However, Huang Sanbai thought so in his heart, but said: “It seems that our task has become much easier now! Li Moying died, not only did we not need to do it, but also, we can’t blame our saints afterwards.” On the head of the Phoenix Clan! However, there is one last question…”

“What’s the problem?” Huang Fuzhao asked.

Huang Sanbai lowered his head slightly, and brought the teacup in front of him to cover up the coldness in his eyes.

“We only speculate that Li Moying is dead, but we haven’t seen his body with our own eyes.”