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Chapter 3504: Qilin Meat is Delicious (3)

The two of them looked at each other, and they both saw a trace of worry in each other’s eyes.

Although these evil qi seem to be very helpful to their cultivation, and for the time being, they don’t seem to have any negative effects on their bodies.

But, this was evil qi after all!

According to the legends, evil cultivators transformed the energy absorbed from living people and devil stones into evil qi!


What would the result be if such evil power enters the meridians? If it was rejected and countered, it will cause serious consequences and they might even experience a qi deviation and go crazy!

Moreover, there have always been legends in the God Realm that cultivators who practice evil methods will gradually become bloodthirsty and brutal, losing their humanity. They don’t want to become like this!

Seeing that Huang Yueli was a little uneasy, Li Moying reached out and grabbed her little hand, “Little Li’er, don’t worry, it seems that these evil qi are only good for us. Let’s try not to absorb them, just the little bit we inhaled earlier, it shouldn’t have much impact.”

Huang Yueli glanced at him, and slightly curled her lips, “I’m alright! It’s just a little bit of evil qi! Now that we’re ready, it’s enough to keep these evil qi out!”

Li Moying smiled, and held her hand, “I don’t know what good things they found but they’re actually yelling inside, come on, let’s go in and have a look!”

Huang Yueli nodded with a smile, and followed him forward.

However, the moment Li Moying turned his head, the smile on Huang Yueli’s face disappeared, and her eyes were full of worry.

What she said just now was actually just to comfort him.

In fact, although she wasn’t worried about her situation, she was secretly worried for Li Moying.

If she simply inhaled a little bit of evil qi, Huang Yueli didn’t believe that there would be much trouble, so she could just find a way to refine it in the future.

However, Li Moying actually cultivated evil practices from so many years ago!

Back then, Li Moying used the soul splitting technique to protect her last bit of consciousness, so he made such a bad move! Although Li Moying said it lightly, as if he had only cultivated for a few days, Huang Yueli actually had some memories of Li Moying’s previous life. He has worked hard on those practices, and with his amazing talent and comprehension, he has gained quite a deep attainment…

It’s just that, when they were in the lower realm, Huang Yueli and the others had limited knowledge and didn’t know what evil practices meant.

Thinking about it now, Li Moying planted a ticking time bomb in his body by doing so.

As if sensing that Huang Yueli was distracted, Li Moying suddenly turned his head, “Little Li’er, what’s wrong with you? Why haven’t you spoken and why are you walking so slowly?”

Huang Yueli suddenly came back to her senses, “Ah? I…I was thinking…”

“What are you thinking?” Li Moying’s starry eyes flickered slightly, staring closely at her delicate face.

Huang Yueli was at a loss for words for a moment.

What she was thinking was that she must carefully search for the treasures left by the Saint Iniquitous Shadow. It would be best to get a few more sets of evil practices and study them carefully to find out what effect these practices have on the cultivators.

However, this could not be said to Li Moying.

Just when she was in a dilemma, she suddenly felt a burst of noisy voices coming from her Sky Phoenix Ring.

“Big Female Devil, I want to go out! Let me out quickly!” Little Wang Cai yelled.