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Chapter 3503: Qilin Meat is Delicious (2)

Because, she found that, like Li Moying, her profound strength in the body has also been significantly improved!

Aware of this, Huang Yueli almost exclaimed: “What’s going on? Why can these evil qi be absorbed by ordinary cultivators like us? We have never practiced the evil way!”

Huang Yueli had never thought of such a situation before!

Because, judging from the rumors about evil cultivators circulating in the God Realm, the cultivation methods of evil cultivators should be completely different from ordinary cultivators, especially the way of absorbing energy and enhancing their own strength.


As an ordinary cultivator, when one comes into contact with evil qi, one should only feel discomfort. How could it make them feel very comfortable instead?

“What kind of techniques does this Saint Iniquitous Shadow practice? Why is it so strange??”

Huang Yueli suddenly became nervous!

When things go wrong, there’s a bad reason behind it!

The evil qi here was so strange, it may not be a good thing! Maybe they feel good when they absorb it now, and they can enhance their own strength. When the amount of absorption reaches a certain level, they suffer a backlash instead!

Li Moying didn’t seem so worried, he shook his head and said, “I think it’s not the Saint Iniquitous Shadow that is strange, but… us!”

Huang Yueli was stunned, “What do you mean?”

Li Moying said: “I deliberately walked at the end just now and observed Tianyi and the others’ reactions. After they entered the secret realm, they were obviously affected by evil qi. Although the concentration of evil qi here is not high, it also caused them a lot of damage. With a certain amount of damage, the speed and intensity of their attacks have weakened a lot compared to when they were outside…”

“However, I think my speed has improved a lot! Why are Big Brother Tianyi and the others like this?” Huang Yueli raised her hands and put them in front of her eyes, her face full of doubts.

But soon, a flash of light suddenly flashed in her mind!

“Could it be because…because…”

She looked at Li Moying in disbelief, “Is it because of the technique of splitting the soul? We have used the technique of splitting the soul before, so we already have the foundation of the evil way in our body, so we can absorb these evil qi?”

Li Moying nodded and said, “I guessed the same way, this is the only explanation. Moreover, before I entered the secret realm, I guessed that such a situation would occur. Because, in order to cast the soul-splitting technique , I did cultivate the practices left by the Saint Iniquitous Shadows, and these were used to enhance the strength of the primordial spirit, so even if I was reincarnated later, I was still affected by these practices. But… …”

He paused, his eyes fell on Huang Yueli, and he frowned slightly, “However, I didn’t expect you to be so sensitive to these evil qi! According to common sense, after my primordial spirit was unified, those practices should not affect you anymore.”

Huang Yueli blinked her eyes, quickly analyzing the situation in front of her mind.

“I’m guessing that although I have given you back the part of the primordial spirit that you gave me, but because of the past ten years, my consciousness has been influenced by you, and it was also cultivating these practices under subtle influence. Therefore, although I don’t feel it myself, I can be considered to have cultivated these as well!”

“It can only be explained like this now.” Li Moying nodded slightly.