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Chapter 3476: Forest Shade Town (3)

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No matter how hard Huang Yueli tried to struggle free, she couldn’t escape his firm grip.

A powerful big palm wrapped around her small fair hand. With such force, it almost started to hurt.

In desperation, Huang Yueli had no choice but to give up resisting, “Alright, alright, you can hold me if you want. But, can you use less strength? My hands are going to be red…”

Hearing this, Li Moying’s furrowed brows relaxed a bit, and the strength in his hands also eased.

However, he still held her little hand tightly, refusing to let go.


Huang Yueli also gave up, so she had no choice but to let him lead her forward.

Sure enough, there were constantly prying eyes all around, sweeping towards them.

Normally, when she was dressed as a woman, she would walk hand in hand with Li Moying on the street. Both of them were good looking and were particularly eye-catching. There were many people looking at them each time they went out.

Logically speaking, she should already be used to the feeling of being stared at by passersby.

However, here, the prying eyes of outsiders still made her feel quite uncomfortable.

Because, compared with the envious and jealous eyes of the residents of Medial Arch City, the eyes of the cultivators in Forest Shade Town were obviously guarded mixed with a hint of probing, which made people feel offended.

Li Moying led Huang Yueli away from them, walked into a nearby restaurant, and ordered a few dishes casually.

Taking advantage of the the waiter serving the dishes, Li Tianyi took a look at Li Moying, and after getting his approval, he began to explore the situation nearby.

“Brother, your business here is really good! Although this town is a bit remote, it is quite popular.”

The waiter glanced at them a few times, and soon put on a flattering smile on his face.

“Is this the first time for esteemed guests to come here? I can see that you are all outstanding people, so you have come to the right place, welcome to our Forest Shade Town!”

“Oh? How do you say that?” Li Tianyi humbly asked for advice.

The waiter said: “In Forest Shade Town, there is a black market every year. You can buy whatever you want! Of course, if you want to sell anything, you can sell it at a good price! This is a good place, those auctions and trading houses in the Twelve Great Continents are all controlled by major families, even if there are treasures, it is difficult to sell them at a high price, and they still have to take a cut from them! It is simply a black shop! It is different here, buying and selling are all voluntary, and you can sell them at any price you want!”

Hearing this, the corner of Huang Yueli’s mouth rose into a faint smile.

“Business here is free enough, but if you want to take away the things you buy and keep the jade quartz you earn, you have to rely on your own ability, right?”

The waiter laughed twice and said, “Young Master, look at what you said! Our Forest Shade Town is not far from Empyrean Fox Continent. To tell you the truth, there are some important people from the Empyrean Fox Clan who have relations with us. You can live here with a peace of mind, no one dares to kill people here, you can rest assured!”

Huang Yueli smiled and did not speak, but secretly exchanged a look with Li Moying.

Both of them were people with a lot of experience. After hearing the waiter’s words, they immediately understood the meaning behind.

In Forest Shade Town, no one dares to kill rampantly, so what if you leave this town?

One had to know, Forest Shade Town was surrounded by dense forests, unless one came here by flying ship like them, ordinary people would encounter countless troubles along the way if they wanted to leave here on foot.

If you still had rare treasures or huge sums of money…