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Chapter 3475: Forest Shade Town (2)

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Huang Yueli glared at him, trying to hide her gaffe.

“What… What nonsense! Alright, let’s go to the town quickly!”

A group of six people entered Forest Shade Town directly.

There were a lot of defensive arrays around this town, and all of them are arrays above the heaven level! An array of this scale and level, even Huang Yueli couldn’t set it up, it was definitely something that an Array Grandmaster had done.

In fact, some arrays require a lot of rare materials, and even Array Grandmaster find them difficult to obtain.


“These arrays should have been left by the sect forces that mined the jade quartz veins here.” As the Young Master of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, Li Moying had a very poisonous vision, and he could see the origin of these arrays at a glance.

He looked in all directions of the town again, “However, this place is different from what we expected at the beginning. After the jade quartz veins were mined, the forces withdrew, but the town did not suffer from depression because of this. Instead, it has become a good place to do business!”

Huang Yueli was also looking around cautiously, and when she heard Li Moying’s words, she couldn’t help showing a knowing smile.

“Yes, it looks like this place has become an underground black market…”

The God Realm was vast and has countless towns. However, people go to high places. Therefore, most of the masters will gather in the Twelve Great Continents, and most of them will gather in the central cities.

In a small town like Forest Shade Town, which was located in the barren and desolate Wilderness Lands, it should not even be easy to pick out a Heart Profound Realm cultivator.

However, as soon as the few of them could see it, they could see that there were three Heart Profound Realm cultivators, and even one of them was at the late stage of the Heart Profound Realm!