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Chapter 3470: Entering the Secret Realm (1)

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This was why, Huang Yueli’s ability to completely rely on her own strength to improve two small realms was considered a very perverse talent!

Huang Yueli also understood this truth, but she was still not very satisfied with the progress of her own cultivation.

“I don’t know where other than the clan can I see the conception illustration?” Huang Yueli was thoughtful.

Li Moying said: “It’s not a difficult task. Fate Profound Realm cultivators usually leave their own conception illustration, so maybe there is one in the cave of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow, but it may not be suitable for you. If it is not suitable for you. If so, when we come out of the secret realm, we can go to the Allied Armies Headquarters. The Allied Armies Headquarters has collections of conception illustrations of various attributes, and there must be something you can use. It takes a lot of military skills to observe these conception illustrations, but the last time you sold a Spirit Armament illustration, you’ve gained a lot of military merit, I think there will be no problem.”

“That would be great!” Huang Yueli was overjoyed, “Before the God Realm Grand Meet, I must go to the headquarters of the Allied Armies!”


“I’ll accompany you when the time comes.” Li Moying laughed softly.

The flying ship flew in the direction marked on the map for seven or eight days, and finally stopped at a mountain pass.

Li Moying and Huang Yueli chose the guards who would enter the secret realm together.

In the secret realm, there were many traps everywhere. There was no benefit to having a lot of people, and they may even increase the burden.

Therefore, they only planned to bring the four guards with the highest cultivation level. All of these four were above the cultivation level of the Heart Profound Realm. In addition, they have learned various secret techniques and profound skills of the Cloudy Qilin Clan since they were a child and they were all at the top.

Moreover, these people were all equipped with a full set of standard Spirit Armaments refined by Huang Yueli—or rather a full set of middle grade Spirit Armaments!

These Spirit Armaments can be said to be the best among the Spirit Armaments that Huang Yueli can refine at this stage.

So, when the guards received this equipment, they were all shocked and stunned in place.

“This… this… Madame, is this really for us?” Li Tianyi stared incredulously at the Spirit Armament in his hands, his eyes were about to pop out!

Li Tian’er also said, “Madame, you couldn’t have made all of these, right? You… you can already refine middle grade Spirit Armaments?”

Huang Yueli shrugged, “If it’s not for you, is it for play? Hurry up and put it on! If you are lucky, even Grandmaster Xiao has never seen these Spirit Armaments!”

In fact, Huang Yueli had been able to refine middle grade Spirit Armament two months ago, but she didn’t let outsiders know about this news, not even Grandmaster Xiao.

Because she was afraid that someone would leak the secret, she didn’t even get the badge of the middle grade Spiritual Armament Master, for fear that the Allied Armies would come and ask her for the illustrations of the middle grade Spirit Armaments.

Now, if it wasn’t for the fact that they were all Li Moying’s people, and that they had been protecting both of them during this period of time, it could be said that they were loyal, and she would not have taken out these Spirit Armaments.

The guards all know that Huang Yueli was Li Yuehuang, the legendary genius Spiritual Armament Master, and she is naturally in awe of what she has refined.

Several people hurriedly put on their equipment, and only moved a few times, and they all showed shock!

“This set of Spirit Armaments is actually… a set!”

“Is this really a middle grade Spirit Armament? The increase in attack defense is far from the ordinary.