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Chapter 3469: Great harvest (5)

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Ever since the last time when he battled against Sky Devil Ruize, his meridians were under pressure from a large amount of devilish energy, and the profound energy in his body also underwent a process of compression and purification.

This process made the profound energy in Li Moying’s body become more and more solid and purer by the moment.

Of course, with just one battle, it would be difficult for an expert in the Heart Profound Realm to easily advance.

What really benefited Li Moying was the double cultivation with Huang Yueli.

Although the two of them were already married in the lower realm, in fact, the two of them had not consummated their marriage because of the split of their primordial spirits. The only time they reunited was when Li Moying’s life was in danger…


After the two met again in Blessed City, they became a proper couple.

Both of them are at the age where they were full of passion, coupled with the fact that they were newly married, and more importantly, they were both god-level talents, evenly matched, they could provide each other with a lot of energy, and can also gain a lot from each other. Hence, the effect of double cultivation was amazingly good.

It’s just that Li Moying hadn’t cultivated for a whole period of time until a few days ago, and he could break through at any time, but it was only now that he really entered the middle stage of the Heart Profound Realm .

And Huang Yueli’s cultivation has also improved, but it was not as fast as she had imagined.

Originally, when she ascended from Soaring Heavens Continent, she had already comprehended the fifth conception of the fire attribute, and even the sixth conception had already comprehended most of it.

However, after reaching the God Realm, she encountered danger one after another, and she did not have much progress in her cultivation.

It was not until the battle with the Sky Devil Race in Blessed City that she broke through the sixth level of the Dream Profound Realm.

Later, after cultivating with Li Moying, she broke through the seventh level of the Dream Profound Realm.

Now, she was also a cultivator in the late stage of the Dream Profound Realm. At the age of less than nineteen, she had actually attained such a cultivation level, which was comparable to Li Moying’s level.

However, Huang Yueli always felt that her cultivation speed was too slow, especially when she had a very talented husband by her side!

Although Li Moying said every day that his woman should be protected by him, she didn’t want to be a burden to Li Moying. From beginning to end, she liked the feeling of fighting side by side with Li Moying!

Because of this, Huang Yueli had been very annoyed for a few days.

Seeing that she was unhappy, Li Moying came to comfort her, “Little Li’er, this is not your problem. If a cultivator in the Profound Realm wants to improve his cultivation, he usually needs to comprehend various conception illustrations. Only by understanding the conception illustrations can you make a breakthrough. However, you can’t go back to the Sacred Phoenix Clan now, and you can’t see the conception illustration of the fire attribute. You have already attained a very terrifying level of comprehension, even I can’t compare to you!”

Li Moying’s words were not just to comfort Huang Yueli, but he was speaking the truth.

The Dream Profound Realm has nine levels. It seems very simple now, but since ancient times, it was a very, very difficult threshold for the cultivation of genius cultivators.

Because, no matter how talented the body is, and no matter how many medicinal herbs and jade quartz provided by the family, it is not very helpful for comprehending conception.

If you want to break through the Dream Profound Realm, all you need is comprehension!

Wanting to rely on oneself to comprehend the conception of heaven and earth among thousands of is as difficult as going against the heavens!

How many peerless geniuses who were favored by others, were stuck on this threshold and even trapped for dozens or hundreds of years.

Later, the situation changed when a powerful person in the Fate Profound Realm drew something like a conception illustration.