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Chapter 3467: Great harvest (3)

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The lady next to Li Moying who was extremely close to him… was definitely Huang Yueli herself!

But, how was this possible?

He searched for Huang Yueli for several months but failed to find her. He had decided that she had already died!

But now, she actually appeared, and she looked intact! She even became Li Moying’s wife, and she was inseparable from Li Moying!

When did she hook up with Li Moying?


No, people in the allied armies said that Li Moying married his wife in the lower realms, so… she really married the Young Master of the Cloudy Qilin Clan?

Such a situation was absolutely unexpected by Huang Sanbai.

He was so shocked that he almost exposed his whereabouts!

Afterwards, it took him a long time to accept this fact. According to the information he had obtained, Huang Yueli should have strayed into the area controlled by the Sky Devils while avoiding his pursuit. He didn’t know how Li Moying managed to grasp her whereabouts, rushed to the Sky Devil clan to rescue her, killed the Sky Devil Ruize along the way, and then brought her all the way to Medial Arch City…

Although the situation was quite different from what Huang Sanbai expected at the beginning, in the final analysis, it did not shake his plan, and even made Huang Sanbai more determined to kill Li Moying!

Huang Yueli and Li Moying have such a good relationship, most likely because she had already told the Young Master of the Cloudy Qilin Clan about his attempted murder.

However, fortunately, the Cloudy Qilin Clan and the Sacred Phoenix Clan have always been hostile. Therefore, Huang Yueli was concerned about Li Moying’s position, and never revealed her identity, and even pretended that she was just an ordinary human girl.

In this way, she had actually helped Huang Sanbai.

If everyone knew that the girl next to Li Moying was a god-level genius of the Sacred Phoenix Clan, that clan would definitely send someone to look for Huang Yueli. It would be very difficult for him to hide the fact that he had attempted to murder her!

But now, Huang Sanbai was the only one in the Sacred Phoenix Clan who knows Huang Yueli’s true identity!

Of course, this situation was only temporary. God knows when Huang Yueli will reveal her true strength?

Therefore, Huang Sanbai’s killing intent was even stronger!

He knew that he must seize this opportunity and kill Huang Yueli and Li Moying together as soon as possible, so that Li Moying’s lie of plotting against Huang Yueli could be confirmed and the two families would turn against each other, so he could gain a profit from it!

However, Huang Yueli’s appearance was not without impact.

Originally, the biggest difficulty in this matter was just killing Li Moying. Under the joint attack of the three Dao Profound Realm powerhouses, Huang Sanbai was convinced that they had enough strength to kill Li Moying.

However, the question now changed and became how he could prevent the other two elders from discovering Huang Yueli’s identity…

If the three of them met Huang Yueli and the others on the spot, and Huang Yueli found out that their lives were in danger, he would definitely reveal his true identity. At that time, the other two elders would definitely turn against him on the spot!

Therefore, this matter still needs to be thought out properly…

Therefore, Huang Sanbai chose to live in Medial Arch City, and had been secretly observing Li Moying and Huang Yueli.

The other two elders didn’t feel that there was anything wrong.

Because, it was impossible for them to attack Li Moying in Medial Arch City where there were many experts, so they can only wait for him to leave before making any concrete plans.