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Chapter 3419: Do you still remember that bet? (6)

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“Master, may we know why you have asked us to come here? What are your orders?”

Both looked puzzled and were a little scared.

The people that were currently in the hall were all the big figures of the major forces. They had never seen such a big occasion before as they were still young Spiritual Armament Masters.

Grandmaster Xiao nodded and said, “The old man summoned you, as I really want to ask you something… Just now, I heard that Young Miss Li mention that you were discussing something in the backyard today, and that when you were patrolling the area, you saw someone in the refining room that was sleeping inside? Is this true?”

The two Spiritual Armament Masters were startled and looked a little ashamed.


“Master, this disciple didn’t expect someone to eavesdrop at the side. It wasn’t intentional to talk nonsense everywhere…”

“Master, please forgive me, this disciple will definitely stop talking nonsense in the future.”

Both of them were very apprehensive, because when Grandmaster Xiao accepted them as disciples, he had repeatedly emphasized for them to be tight lipped once they had acknowledged him as their Master. After all, the refining techniques of the Spiritual Armament Masters were top secret.

When the two of them finished their rounds, they thought that no one was around hence they were chatting casually, but they were actually heard by outsiders, which was a mistake in itself.

Grandmaster Xiao was also not very happy, but this was not the time to pursue such responsibility.

He waved his hand and said, “Don’t talk about it for now. The old man is now asking you, is it true? Wasthere really someone who have been sleeping in the room without refining weapons properly?”

“This…” Both of them hesitated and looked at each other.

Grandmaster Xiao frowned and said sternly: “What’s going on? Why are you talking hesitantly? Just say what you have to say! This matter is very important, you must ensure that every word you say is true, but if there is a lie, old man I’ll kick you out!”

After hearing these words, the two Spiritual Armament Masters did not dare to tarry any further, and said quickly: “Master, at that time, the disciples were patrolling the easternmost area. Among them, the Spiritual Armament Master in the Number 31 refining room, did fall asleep during the competition, but…”

The word “but” was only half uttered, and Li Leyun couldn’t hold back her excitement and interrupted them.

“Did you hear it? Did everyone hear it? What I said just now is true, right? Young Miss Li really fell asleep during the competition, and she wasn’t refining Spirit Armament at all! These two are Grandmaster Xiao’s disciples, their testimony will definitely not be false. Therefore, there must be something wrong with Young Miss Li’s Spirit Armament!”

In fact, there is no need for Li Leyun to emphasize that, those present have already started a ruckus.

The words of the two young Spiritual Armament Masters perfectly corroborated Li Leyun’s accusation just now.

Everyone’s gazes that were on Huang Yueli suddenly changed!

In such a competition, she was actually cheating in such an open manner! This was much more shameful than a shrew scolding in the street!

“I thought that Young Master Li married this great beauty, and he has good eyesight, but who knows, she is not as good as that arrogant Young Miss Li!”

“Isn’t it? I was almost deceived by her just now! I thought she was really some kind of genius Spiritual Armament Master!”

“Tsk tsk, it’s so lively now, I didn’t expect it to be like this. I really feel sorry for Young Master Li, why are all the women who are related to him so superb?”

“It’s a coincidence to meet one of the best, but if you meet two of the best, you can’t say it’s bad luck, right? I don’t think Li Moying himself is a good person!”