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Chapter 3415: Do you still remember that bet? (2)

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“Exactly, exactly!”

Although the people of the major forces were talking in hushed tones, they did not deliberately lower their voices.

When Li Leyun heard these words, her face suddenly became hot, and she felt unspeakably uncomfortable!

The speaker may be unintentional, but the listener was intentional.

Listening to these words in Li Leyun’s ears, every sentence seemed like someone was deliberately mocking her.


Sentences such as “national beauty “, “genius Spiritual Armament Master” for describing Huang Yueli were heard all around. Weren’t they mocking her for not being good-looking, and her level of Spirit Armament refinement was not as high as others?

Some people even said that Huang Yueli was “gentle, virtuous and knowledgeable”, which was more like a slap in the face of Li Leyun.

There were a lot of people who secretly said she was akin to a shrew just now. In the end, it was Huang Yueli’s turn. Even though that damned little vixen said a lot of ugly things, others still thought she was gentle and kind!

This damned little vixen was young, yet so insidious and cunning!

Li Leyun was so angry that she suddenly felt a line of sight behind her, looking towards her.

When she turned around suddenly, she saw Huang Yueli standing not far away looking at her, with a faint smile on the corner of her mouth.

Beside Huang Yueli, a large number of Spiritual Armament Masters and various major forces were surrounding her, trying to get close to her, and their mouths were full of praise.

Moreover, there were many people who called Huang Yueli “Young Miss Li” before, but by this time, most of them had changed their name to “Madame Li”.

“Madame Li, I really didn’t expect you to be able to refine such a perfect Spirit Armament, and you won the first place with ease!”

“As soon as you got married to the Cloudy Qilin Clan, you won such a big business for the family. It’s really amazing!”

“I am the head of Void Heart Hall, a second-class force, and I have always wanted to befriend Young Master Li. I wonder if you can help us introduce him?”

Listening to so many people, calling Huang Yueli “Madame Li” one by one, and surrounding her like a star in the middle of the moon, Li Leyun almost spit out a mouthful of old blood!

How familiar was such a scene?

When Li Leyun entered the door just now, she once boasted that she was Li Moying’s fiancée. At that time, many people from the second-class forces also surrounded her like this, eager to curry favor with her.

However, now, these people have turned to Huang Yueli’s side again!

A group of grass on the wall that sees the wind!

Li Leyun really wanted to tear all these people apart!

Of course, among so many people, the most annoying thing was Huang Yueli’s departure. The smile on her face made Li Leyun’s heart hurt.

Huang Yueli noticed Li Leyun’s sight, raised her hand, and nodded everyone around her.

“Everyone, I’m sorry, I still have something to do. Please excuse me for a while. Please take care of yourself!”

She had on a sweet smile and elegant demeanor, which made people feel like a spring breeze blew by.

Everyone all waved their hands, “Don’t dare, don’t dare, Madame Li, please…”

They took the initiative to make way for Huang Yueli to pass through the crowd smoothly.

Seeing Huang Yueli walking towards her, Li Leyun was shocked and remembered the most important thing!

Before the competition, Li Leyun specially reminded Huang Yueli about the bet between the two!

Whoever loses today’s competition will get out of Li Moying’s side and never harass him again!

Previously, Li Leyun thought she was going to win, so she specially reminded Huang Yueli.