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Chapter 3414: Do you still remember that bet? (1)

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Li Leyun immediately looked at the box numbered sixteen, which contained the wrist guards she made.

The pair of delicate Wrist Guards shone under the light, and they were not ordinary at first glance.

Li Leyun suddenly became complacent, raised her chin, and looked at the surrounding contestants, wanting to see the envy of everyone.

However, when she turned around, she found that no one was looking at her at all.

The Spiritual Armament Masters were almost all gathered around, staring at a wooden box placed at the very edge, and discussing in a low voice.


Li Leyun’s face changed, a little doubt arose in her heart, as she strode over haughtily.

“What are you all looking at? How can the Spirit Armament refined by the damned little vixen be so good…” She walked over to the crowd with a sneer, halfway through the sarcastic words in her mouth, and her eyes touched the wooden box No. 31 The pair of wrist guards that were placed inside suddenly became speechless.

Grandmaster Yuan was standing beside Huang Yueli’s wooden box, with his hands around his chest, he said angrily, “Where is the person? Who else hasn’t seen it? Come and take a closer look! This number 31 is the proclaimed winner today. One’s hard work, everyone will come to judge, which other Spirit Armament can be better than this one?”

The Spiritual Armament Masters all came closer and watched carefully.

At the beginning, everyone thought that what Grandmaster Yuan and others said was exaggerated, and some people were deliberately trying to find faults.

However, after seeing it, all the Spiritual Armament Masters fell silent, silently backed away without saying a word.

The major forces were originally standing far away, and they were not in a hurry to join in the fun. However, seeing their own Spiritual Armament Masters come out one by one with a sad look, they couldn’t stand anymore, and they all gathered around.

Although these people were not Spiritual Armament Masters, nor were they highly talented cultivators, but as managers in charge of the business of the major forces, their vision were not worse than that of Spiritual Armament Masters.

At a glance, many people were stunned on the spot.

Grandmaster Yuan twirled his beard and said quite contentedly: “How about it? How about this pair of Wrist Guards? Who dares to say that this is not a fine product? After testing, the improvement of the attack power of this bracer far exceeds that of other finished products!”

The facts were placed right before them as everyone exchanged glances and no one made a sound.

When Li Leyun asked Grandmaster Xiao and the others to take out all the pieces submitted for the competition, although they didn’t interrupt, they were actually a little unconvinced in their hearts and wanted to see. In their hearts, Huang Yueli was like a vase, all she had was looks. Although she was such a peerless beauty, what ability did she have to surpass everyone and win the competition?

But now, facts have proved that the judgment of the five Grandmasters were not wrong at all.

Compared with other finished products, the Spirit Armament in Box No. 31 was more than a grade higher!

Anyone with a little knowledge of Spirit Armaments knows which work would be ranked first!

For a time, everyone looked at Huang Yueli differently.

“I really didn’t expect that Madame Li is a genius in refining armaments! At such a young age, she could actually refine such a Spirit Armament!”

“It’s not easy, it’s really not easy!”

“Speaking of which, Young Master Li is really fortunate to be married to such a beautiful woman, and she is also a genius Spiritual Armament Master. What a blessing!”

“More than that, Madame Li is gentle, virtuous and knowledgeable, which is even more rare.”