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Chapter 339: Waiting To See a Joke (3)

If she, a high and esteemed Array Master, were to quarrel with a ignorant fool, it was really too degrading.

Huang Yueli looked at the array that she had completed and nodded in satisfaction.

She turned back and asked, "Alright, it's done! So… Li Moying, other than you, who else would like to stay on my side?"

Li Moying's eyes were smiling and he snuck up beside her and whispered into her ears: "Why are you still asking others? I still thought that you had wanted to live with me alone, a world with just the two of us…we can kiss and for the others… just let them stay outside!"

Huang Yueli could not help but flared at him.

"Oh please! The sky is almost dark, stop talking nonsense!"

When Li Moying turned to face the rest, his face was no longer gentle and affectionate. It was one with the usual indifference.

"Everyone choose your own camp, I'm not going to force anyone. The choice is yours."

Although he said that he would not force anyone, but Mo Yi, Mo Er and Mo San were all his subordinates and they naturally did not hesitate to walk over to his side.

The three of them immediately tore down the previous tent that they had built and went over to Huang Yueli's side to rebuild them.

Murong Ni looked at the degree that Li Moying was indulging Huang Yueli and she was teething mad with jealousy! Li Moying did not even bother to cast her a single glance; he had placed  all his attention solely on Huang Yueli.

"Has Senior Brother been blinded? He doesn't even care about safety anymore? What kind of bewitching soup did that fox demoness feed him?"

Murong Ni was fuming mad as she turned her head around. To her horror, she found that even Luo Jiyun was hesitant, apprehensive and was looking at the opposite camp longingly.

This time Murong Ni really wanted to scream out in frustration.

"Fifth Brother! Where are you looking at?! Don't tell me that even you do not believe in my array and want to go over to that fox demoness' side? It makes me wonder who is your real Junior Sister! Hmph!"


Luo Jiyun was tongue tied.

For a moment there, he really wanted to follow his Senior Brother.

Although he don't know anything about arrays, however….. just looking at the calm and confident look on Sister-in-law's face was much more reassuring than Murong Ni's self overpraised one.

However, since Murong Ni had already opened her mouth and asked in such a manner, he was embarrassed and awkwardly went back to her side.

After all, she was his Junior Sister and if she was left all alone here, what if she really fell into danger?

As the sect's disciple with the best temper, he was a good man and it was impossible for him to leave her alone.

"Don't be angry Junior Sister, I'm not going anywhere. I believe in your array, I'm going to stay here with you!"

"That's more like it! You have a good vision!"

Finally with a supporter on her side, Murong Ni's face eased up a bit. Otherwise, it would have been completely trampled to the ground by Huang Yueli!

There were a total of three tents, since there were more people on Huang Yueli's side, two were moved over.

Once the tents had been set up, everyone moved into the core of the array. At this moment, it was the final step of completing the array - activation of the array!

Murong Ni first triggered her own array with a few moves. The crystals in the entire array gave off a dazzling light as energy was drawn in from the surroundings. All the lines of the array pattern lit up in unison, forming a complex and beautiful array as it enveloped the boundaries she had cast.

After she finished, she lifted her head up arrogantly and looked at Huang Yueli.

Since Murong Ni was in the array, she could now no longer hear any sound transmitted from outside the array.

However, her glance was filled with meaning. It was obviously one filled with taunt, declaring that Huang Yueli's one might not even be able to be activated at all!

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