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Chapter 3372: What Can You Do For Him? (7)

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Li Leyun’s face contorted with anger and hatred, but Huang Yueli’s was calm and peaceful throughout the entire conversation.

She spread her arms and said, “Young Miss Li, you’re talking nonsense with your eyes open. Do you think I’m a fool? Whether you said it or not, only you know it clearly in your mind! If you can’t remember, there are so many guards here. All of them heard you loud and clear!”

“Don’t worry, Brother Tianyi and the others are very loyal to my husband and would not falsify the truth. They will surely report the actual situation to him without a single word of a lie!”


Li Leyun’s face flushed white when she heard that.

It was only now that she realized the blunder she had made. Never mind if she was slapped on the face by Huang Yueli by saying those words. The worst thing was Li Tianyi and the others were around!

If what she had said earlier reached Li Moying’s ears, only Heavens knew what would Li Moying think of her.

Based on Li Tianyi’s status, he originally might not listen to her. Now that he was under Li Moying, he would definitely act in favor of Li Moying. She didn’t need to think to know that it was impossible to stop him from talking.

“Alright, wretched lass, consider this your win! Today, Senior Brother Tianyi is protecting you, so This Young Miss shall let you off! But remember this. With me around, you can forget about marrying into the Cloudy Qilin Clan! Don’t even bother to daydream!”

Li Leyun said fiercely and swung her head.

“Let’s go!”

She turned around and left in quick steps. The guards whom she brought along hurriedly followed after her when they saw her leaving.

But as they had been subjected to utter humiliation today, they weren’t as thick-skinned as Li Leyun. All of them hung their heads low and did not dare to breathe deeply as they walked out of the door dejectedly.

Huang Yueli waved her hand lazily when she saw their departing figures.

“Take care, Young Miss Li! You’re right, don’t daydream too much during the day. Otherwise… not only will you be heartbroken, but you might also even be hurt!”

Li Leyun’s footsteps tripped and she almost fell upon hearing that.

But she didn’t turn back and left quickly.

When everyone was gone, traces of anger surfaced on Huang Yueli’s face.

Her gaze gradually turned fierce as she swept her glance at Li Tianyi and the others, snorting coldly simultaneously.

Li Tianyi and the others trembled in fright when her beautiful eyes swept past them. All of them quickly lowered their heads.

“Brother Tianyi, it’s really lucky that you’re here today! I didn’t expect you to return so quickly after going out with my husband to deal with his business. You even managed to rush back in time and save me when Li Leyun was about to make her move. It’s simply too timely!”

Li Tianyi’s forehead was drenched with cold sweat.

Logically speaking, his cultivation was much higher than Huang Yueli and he was much older as well. Moreover, he was only loyal to his Young Lord. There was no need for him to lower his head towards Young Madam.

But not knowing why, whenever Huang Yueli became strict, she would give off a powerful aura that was not weaker than Li Moying’s. Somehow, it always gave them a fearful feeling.

Unknowingly, they submitted to her suppression.

Li Tianyi hurriedly explained, “Young Madam, This… Subordinate indeed followed Young Lord out. Later on, Young Lord was simply too worried about you, so he got This Subordinate to come back and check. In the end, I happened to come across Young Miss Leyun…”

Huang Yueli rose an eyebrow and said, “So you’re saying this is purely a coincidence?”

“Right, coincidence. It’s all a coincidence…” Li Tianyi repeatedly nodded his head.