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Chapter 3371: What Can You Do For Him? (6)

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Hearing her refusal, Li Leyun’s smile became brighter. Moreover, her eyes were filled with maliciousness.

“Why? You don’t even dare to enter a competition? Didn’t you say earlier that Brother Moying is your husband? Then you’re Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Madam? Cloudy Qilin Clan wants to take on such a huge business but you’re not sharing Brother Moying’s worries? Surely you don’t think that all you need to do is to eat and sleep after becoming the young Madam of a large clan like ours? If you don’t show any contributions to the clan, you’d only be throwing Brother Moying’s face!”

Saying that, Li Leyun paused for a moment as she gave a mocking smile. “Or am I right to say that your Spirit Armament refining standard isn’t up to standard, so you don’t even dare to compete with me? Useless trash like you also wants to marry into the Cloudy Qilin Clan? You’re not fit to be with Brother Moying at all!”


Li Leyun pressed nearer with each step and kept applying pressure on Huang Yueli.

She brought out the topic of the responsibility of the clan’s members and later on, she also talked about Li Moying’s face. All she wanted to do was to confuse Huang Yueli and make her accept this competition.

In her opinion, at Huang Yueli’s age, no matter how amazing she was, she was still only a low rank Spirit Armament Master. Huang Yueli wasn’t able to compete with an experienced mid rank Spiritual Armament Master like herself at all.

Li Leyun could take this opportunity of Grandmaster Xiao’s open competition to make this wretched lass admit the disparity between them and also embarrass her during the competition. Li Moying would definitely be unhappy and he might even divorce her during the competition!

Li Leyun was still daydreaming and the arc on her lips grew wider and wider.

Huang Yueli swept a cold glance at her and said calmly, “I’ve already said that I won’t be attending some competition.”

“Looks like you aren’t treating Brother Moying’s face with importance at all? Or am I right to say that… you know that you will surely embarrass yourself after you go there, so you don’t dare to go?” Li Leyun stared at her, apparently feeling very delighted.

Huang Yueli said indifferently, “Young Miss Li, I hope you can get things straight. Moying is a person, not some object. I will not take him as a stake in some kind of bet. Doing that is truly disrespecting him and disregarding his reputation. He is a living being and he has his own ideas and freedom. Do you think you can decide on his decision to stay or leave?”


Li Leyun knew that Huang Yueli would continue to deny it, but she didn’t expect her to say such things!

What Huang Yueli said had become a stark contrast to what she was coercing the former earlier.

Li Tianyi and the others present looked at Li Leyun with a strange look.

After being said in such a manner by Huang Yueli, it was apparent that Li Leyun’s thoughts to make her bet was rather vile.

Li Leyun had been emphasizing how deep her feelings towards Li Moying were, and how much she was willing to give up for him. But in the end, she was exposed by Huang Yueli. Using Li Moying as stakes in a bet was simply disrespecting Li Moying.

This was a direct slap on her face!

Li Leyun’s face flushed into a beetroot color. Her mouth opened wide as she wanted to explain herself, but she didn’t know how to start.

The person who insisted on using Li Moying as a bet was indeed her!

But she didn’t mean it in the way which Huang Yueli said…

Li Leyun held her tongue for some time as her body started to tremble. Then she hissed through the slits of her teeth, “Wretched lass, you… don’t you dare talk rubbish! I… since when have I not shown respect to Brother Moying? You… don’t you dare think you can incite disharmony between us by saying that!”