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Chapter 3370: What Can You Do For Him? (5)

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Huang Yueli’s brows rose as she asked, “If you say that… Young Miss Li is very confident about your armament refining standard? You feel that you will certainly win in this competition and get the chance to cooperate with Grandmaster Xiao?”

Li Leyun swept a glance at Huang Yueli as her eyes were filled with complacency.

“Of course I’m confident. There aren’t many mid rank Spiritual Armament Masters in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber! Moreover, we Cloudy Qilin Clan has many first-class Sky Gem Grandmasters. I have been learning from them since young, so in terms of armament refining methods and insight, none of the others in the same generation as me can match up! This time, I will be able to make Grandmaster Xiao change his opinion of me!”


Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards when she saw Li Leyun’s confident look.

To tell the truth, Li Leyun indeed had her fair share of confidence in herself.

When she was in Flame Square City, Huang Yueli personally saw the Spirit Armaments that she had refined. It was indeed much higher than ordinary mid rank Spiritual Armament Masters. Back then, it attracted many Spiritual Armament Master’s gasps of admiration.

If they were going to compete, Li Leyun’s chances of winning were indeed not low.

Alas, she was overly conceited now. So before the competition started, she had already offended the behind-the-scenes boss…

It seemed that Cloudy Qilin Clan was destined not to win this business…

Huang Yueli had already voted Li Leyun out inwardly, but her expression remained the same. “Since Young Miss Li is so confident, then I’ll wish you success! Tianyi, send the guest off!”

She waved her hand lazily, not even bothering to look Li Leyun in the eye.

Li Tianyi walked up and showed a ‘please’ gesture. “Young Miss Li, will you please…”

Li Leyun was naturally even angrier upon seeing Huang Yueli ignoring her, and she was even more unwilling to leave.

She pushed Li Tianyi aside, walked straight to Huang Yueli, and shouted, “Hey, didn’t you hear what I said earlier? I will win the chance to become Grandmaster Xiao’s business partner, and make Brother Moying sit up and take notice of me!”

Huang Yueli shot a fleeting glance at her and replied in a calm tone.

“I heard that. Moreover, haven’t I already wished you success? What else do you want? Why aren’t you leaving yet?”


Li Leyun was so angry that she could not breathe.

In her view, Huang Yueli should be shocked by her innate talent and ability. At the same time, she should feel ashamed of her inferiority and realize that she was not worthy of Li Moying at all!

Li Leyun thought, “But why does this wretched lass seem as though she didn’t hear what I just said?”

Does this country bumpkin understand what it means to cooperate with Grandmaster Xiao??

Li Leyun assumed that if she said these, she would be able to slap Huang Yueli on her face. But Huang Yueli’s reaction made her feel that her heavyweight punch had landed on cotton.

Not only did she vent her anger, she even felt extremely moody!

“Right…” An idea suddenly flashed past Li Leyun’s mind as she was feeling utterly discomfited. She suddenly looked strangely at Huang Yueli.

“Right, I just remembered. Aren’t you a Spiritual Armament Master as well? Do you dare to register for Grandmaster Xiao’s competition with me? If you can win me in the competition, I will admit that you can barely match up to Brother Moying. If you can’t… scram out of this place immediately! How about it? Do you dare to?”

Li Leyun said it word for word, and her tone was filled with provocation.

Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “I’m not going.”