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Chapter 3364: Fiancée? What A Joke (7)

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She assumed that Huang Yueli would definitely not be able to take a Heart Profound Realm’s suppression like hers and would immediately kneel to beg for mercy.

But Huang Yueli seemed as though she didn’t feel anything at all.

Moreover, wouldn’t normal people suffer a huge blow when they heard their partner having a noble fiancée and feel ashamed of their own inferiority? Why is this wretched lass treating as though it was nothing?


Does she think that she could keep a powerful man like Li Moying stay by her side based on her beauty?

Just as Li Leyun was feeling confused, Huang Yueli showed a cold smile.

“Alright, I’ve already understood Young Miss Li’s intention in this visit. But I have a few questions to ask you.”

The moment Li Leyun heard that she immediately asked, “What questions? Go ahead and ask!”

She deduced that Huang Yueli wasn’t feeling as calm as she was portraying and would surely be asking about the details between her and Li Moying.

Regarding this, she had already weaved a story which would definitely give this woman a huge blow that she could not look her in the eye!

Huang Yueli swept her a glance, and her lips curled upwards slightly. “The first question is my husband and I have already been married for two years. So how can a married man have a fiancée? Moreover, as a young aristocratic lady from God Realm’s large clan, are you prepared to be my husband’s concubine? But if my husband wants to take in a concubine, he has to ask me, his official wife, for my view. If I don’t agree, you won’t be able to become part of the family, isn’t it?”

“You… you…”

Li Leyun was prepared to use her identity as the clan’s acknowledged fiancée to give Huang Yueli a severe blow. However, she didn’t expect Huang Yueli to ignore that issue and even brought out the stance of his official wife to suppress her. Moreover, the latter even said that if she were to marry Li Moying, she would be his concubine!

Furthermore, she had to bow down to a country bumpkin from the Lower Realm?

These few sentences were considered to be the greatest insult to her!

Li Leyun shivered in anger as she pointed at Huang Yueli, unable to say a single word.

However, Huang Yueli was not done speaking yet.

She slowly continued and said, “The second question is I know you’ve taken fancy to my husband and can understand why you want to be his concubine. After all, when we were in the Lower Realm, plenty of other women tried to promote themselves to him. But no matter what, you’re still not part of our family yet. How do you have the cheek to call out ‘Brother Moying?’ And you even dare to shout at me? Speaking of this, if you can marry into our family, a concubine’s status is on par with a maid. What kind of attitude are you showing to me, the Young Madam of this house?”

“Cloudy Qilin Clan is considered as a large clan in God Realm. If the news of disrespect in social ranking is spread to other people, how embarrassing would that be!”

She had completely labeled Li Leyun as a concubine who threw herself onto Li Moying and even started to lecture her on the rules.

Li Leyun could no longer tolerate this and jumped up angrily.

“You… you little slut, you’ve simply gone too far in bullying me like this! Men, capture this little slut and throw her out! This is Brother Moying’s residence, and this bitch has no right to stay here!”

Li Leyun brought several guards along with her this time.

Hearing her command, the guards swamped up to capture Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli narrowed her eyes as her body turned into a flash and evaded them.