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Chapter 3363: Fiancée? What A Joke (6)

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“I wonder which family’s young lady are you from? Why do you have such a poor upbringing?”

Huang Yueli might seem frustrated but she remained very calm. Her leisurely manner of speaking enraged Li Leyun.

In reality, Huang Yueli was also secretly guessing Li Leyun’s background.


When they met in the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, Huang Yueli only knew that she was called Li Leyun, and was a mid rank Spiritual Armament Master. Hence she didn’t pay much attention to her.

Moreover, Li Moying had never mentioned that he had any “fiancée”, so she believed that he wouldn’t lie to her.

Then… who was this woman?

Huang Yueli pouted, feeling displeased. Her husband was very good at everything, but his love life was a little too prosperous. No matter where he went, there would be a bunch of young ladies who coveted him.

Li Leyun looked at Huang Yueli’s elegant look, which resembled an aristocratic lady more than herself, and her face flushed red with anger instantly.

“Shut up! What right do you have to call Brother Moying your husband? You’re just merely a woman from the Lower Realm. Even if you are married to Brother Moying in the Lower Realm, just based on your background and innate talent, you can forget about our clan acknowledging your marriage! You would at most be a maid for Brother Moying in the room. How dare you even treat yourself like somebody important?”

“Let me tell you this. I’m Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Clan Patriarch’s niece, Li Leyun and I’m one of the top geniuses in God Realm! Only someone like me with such status and innate talent is compatible with Brother Moying. Moreover, Brother Moying and my marriage have already been acknowledged by the entire Cloudy Qilin Clan! We will officially get married after the God Realm Tournament.”

“If you know what’s good for you, you’d better leave Brother Moying’s side quickly. I can give you a few crystal jades and cultivation methods to cultivate properly in God Realm. If you don’t know what’s good for you and insist on clinging on…”

Li Leyun unleashed the Profound Energy in her in an attempt to coerce Huang Yueli by force.

“This Young Lady doesn’t mind to mind you a lesson and show you the difference between Lower Realm practitioners and God Realm’s geniuses!”

Huang Yueli originally seemed very carefree, remaining indifferent towards Li Leyun’s threats.

Numerous examples in the past had already proven that those women who fancied Li Moying would end up in a miserable state. After all, that man had never shown any tender feelings to any woman other than his little fox.

However, she almost laughed out in anger when she heard it towards the end.

No wonder Li Moying had been acting sneakily in the past few days. It was because Cloudy Qilin Clan had arranged his marriage for him! His fiancée even suddenly popped up!

No wonder Li Moying didn’t dare to tell her.

When Huang Yueli heard the words “Brother Moying” coming out of Li Leyun’s mouth, she immediately had goosebumps.

“You… how disgusting can you be? Judging from your bone age, you should be older than my husband! Where do you find the cheek to call him Brother Moying? Tsk tsk, I wonder which family young lady are you from. You’ve cast your face away to chase after a man!”

“You… what are you saying!! How dare a little slut as you call me shameless?” Li Leyun’s gaze was practically dripping with venom as she stared ferociously at Huang Yueli. “Didn’t you hear what I said earlier? I am Brother Moying’s fiancée! A wretched lass like you is just a woman who warms up his bed! How dare you say such things to me!”

Towards Huang Yueli’s reaction, Li Leyun was extremely surprised.