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Chapter 3361: Fiancée? What A Joke (4)

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Huang Yueli deduced inwardly and at the same time, she recalled the conversation she had with Li Moying the night before. Somehow, she still felt that something was amiss.

“Could it be that something indeed happened over at Cloudy Qilin Clan? Is he really hiding something from me?”

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but feel vexed after pondering over the reason and connection.


Li Moying’s face had too huge of an effect on her! He actually managed to bewitch her and make her forget to continue questioning him!

“This man… he thinks he’s got me eating out of his palm! Hmpf, just wait and see how I’ll deal with him when he comes back tonight!” Huang Yueli waved her little fist furiously.

In her mind, several proposals on how to interrogate her husband surfaced. As she turned around to walk back to the room, she started to them through.

She had arranged with Grandmaster Xiao to make use of the Sky Gem Glass Chamber’s channel to spread the news to solicit large forces who could refine and sell those modified Spirit Armaments. Seven days later, they would get together to have a discussion and pick one of those interested forces to become their business partner.

So, since she didn’t have anything else to do in these seven days, she could make use of that time to cultivate.

She had relatively consumed a lot of energy over the matter related to the Spirit Armaments, resulting in a drastic drop in time spent on cultivation, and that was not a good sign.

Thinking of this, she was determined to outsource the business of selling those standardized Spirit Armaments.

As a practitioner, she ought to emphasize raising her ability. She should not affect her cultivation just because she wanted to earn more money. This was akin to letting go of the big prize while grabbing the trifles.

Huang Yueli cultivated quietly in the room for an entire day, and no one was there to disturb her.

When it was evening time, she thought Li Moying should probably be coming back soon. So she stopped cultivating, intending to cook some dishes to reward her husband who had sacrificed so much for her over this period.

Whoever knew that she had just walked out of the room when she heard the maid’s reporting voice.

“Young Madam, there’s a young lady outside and she says she’s here to look for you…”

“A young lady? Looking for me?” Huang Yueli’s eyes widened in surprise and asked, “Who is that?”

She only had one friend in God Realm and that person was Xia Yunxi. However, the latter had already followed Jun Sihan to Veracious Wyvern Continent, so she couldn’t possibly appear right now.

The rest of them were Spiritual Armament Masters like Grandmaster Xiao. Although they were acquainted with her, all of them saw her as that common-looking young man Li Yuehuang. Even if it was the same name, no one would ever link her to Li Moying’s wife.

Huang Yueli had especially left an inn’s address so that Grandmaster Xiao and the others could send their messages to that place.

So, it couldn’t possibly be Grandmaster Xiao and the others…

The maid hemmed and hawed as she spoke, “That young lady says she….she’s… Ummm…”

Seeing the maid’s strange expression, Huang Yueli frowned and urged, “Who did she say she is?”

The maid clenched her teeth, and just as she was about to speak, a young lady’s high-pitch voice rang from the courtyard’s door.

“Let me in, you servants. Do you know who This Young Lady is? I’m the biological niece of the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Clan Leader, Li Moying’s fiancée! This is the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s property, so why can’t I enter? All of you, get out of my way!”

A cold glint flashed past Huang Yueli’s eyes. “Li Moying’s… fiancée?”

Before she could say anything, a beautiful young lady dressed in a cloud-patterned skirt barged in through the door. Those maids who attempted to stop her were pushed aside by the guards she brought.