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Chapter 3355: Business Sense (3)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Huang Yueli was in a good mood after negotiating the biggest deal she had.

But she didn’t return home immediately. Instead, she went over to Grandmaster Xiao’s residence and visited him.

Grandmaster Xiao was staying in the northeast corner of Medial Arch City. The surroundings might be flourishing but this noble Sky Gem Grandmaster’s house was serene amid the bustle. It appeared to be extremely spacious, quiet, and refreshing.

When the guards heard that it was Young Master Li who had come, they hurriedly sent someone in to report on this.

Shortly after, Grandmaster Xiao came out to welcome her personally.

“Young Master Li, why do you have time to visit me today? Are you done with the allied armies’ stuff?” Grandmaster Xiao smiled as he asked.

He had already invited Huang Yueli several times to his residence to research the arts of Spirit Armaments. But Huang Yueli had always rejected him, saying that she was busy with work.

Of course, Huang Yueli was indeed very busy. Other than teaching those Spiritual Armament Masters from the allied armies the way to refine armaments, she also needed to draw some time out to engage in double cultivation with her husband. She was really very busy, extremely busy!

She smiled and said apologetically, “I’m so sorry to suddenly come to disturb you, Grandmaster Xiao…”

Grandmaster Xiao laughed heartily and quickly said, “You’re not disturbing me. I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time. Please, quickly come in!”

Huang Yueli was welcomed in by the passionate Grandmaster Xiao.

She took some time to look at the surroundings and discovered that the Spiritual Armament Master’s residence was indeed laid out with various mechanisms. Grandmaster Xiao was no exception.

Moreover, his skills were exceptionally outstanding. The surroundings were filled with various traps that Huang Yueli admitted that she could not refine at all. Grandmaster Xiao was indeed God Realm’s top Sky Gem Grandmaster!

Grandmaster Xiao brought Huang Yueli to the reception room.

The two of them chatted casually and Huang Yueli swiftly cut to the chase.

“Grandmaster Xiao, my purpose in coming this time is that I have a few favors to ask…”

Grandmaster Xiao was stunned. “Oh? Young Master Li, what’s the matter? Feel free to say it out! As long as I can help, I will definitely help!”

Huang Yueli heard his straightforward reply and felt extremely touched. She immediately said, “The first thing is… I’ve already discussed with Divine General Mu and the others, to sell the remaining 17 Spirit Armaments illustrations to them at the same price as the three previous illustrations…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Grandmaster Xiao said joyously, “The allied armies Headquarters have already decided? It appears that Young Master Li’s modified Spirit Armaments are indeed what the allied armies need the most! Congratulations, this is a joyous matter!”

Huang Yueli nodded and continued to say, “It is indeed a joyous matter but it is also rather troublesome. I have got something urgent to handle recently and I intend to leave Medial Arch City within the next few days. But the allied armies side will surely select another batch of Spiritual Armament Masters to master the 17 illustrations…”

Huang Yueli frowned. “I really don’t have the time to continue teaching these low rank Spiritual Armament Masters. So by then, Divine General Mu and the others would probably look for Grandmaster Xiao, Grandmaster Han, and the others… I’ve created trouble for all of you…”

Hearing that, Grandmaster Xiao was rather surprised at first.

“Young Master Li, you have something on and need to leave urgently again?”

He still remembered the first time he met Huang Yueli in Flame Square City, Huang Yueli also said that she had to leave urgently and go to some other place to experience learning. It was the same this time again.

Moreover, Medial Arch City was different from Flame Square City.