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Chapter 3354: Business Sense (2)

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If the person who said this was someone else, the three Divine Generals would definitely scoff in that person’s face.

But facing Huang Yueli, none of them could say a word of rebuttal!

Because as compared to a peerless genius like Huang Yueli, those so-called “genius Spiritual Armament Masters” were not worth mentioning at all!

Mu Mingjiang was already used to Huang Yueli’s occasional shocking feats, so he was the first to come back to his senses.

“Since Young Master Li has finished a large batch of finished products so quickly, I believe when our top management in the allied armies Headquarters hear of this, they will be overjoyed! Following this will be the matter about the remaining illustrations…”

Mu Mingjiang turned to the other Divine Generals and asked, “Divine General An, Divine General Xiao, what do the two of you say?”

Mu Mingjiang roughly knew the decision about the allied armies decision. But it was better for these two Divine Generals from the Headquarters to personally announce it.

Divine General An nodded and said, “Our top management in the Headquarters did a calculation and they wanted me and Divine General Xiao to head over to check out the situation on Young Master Li’s refining before we make a decision. We didn’t expect Young Master Li to give us such a pleasant surprise when we arrived! You managed to refine so many finished products in two weeks!”

They exchanged glances before he continued to say, “Since this is the case, Divine General Xiao and I will represent the allied armies Headquarters to give the green light. The allied armies Headquarters shall purchase the remaining 17 illustrations according to the conditions that Young Master Li had previously raised. Young Master Li can retain the right to sell for these Spirit Armaments, but…”

He paused and stared at Huang Yueli. “But the allied armies also have a request.”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli was slightly surprised. “What kind of request.”

Divine General Xiao said, “For each type of Spirit Armament that Young Master Li privately refines and sells cannot surpass 100 pieces each year!”

“Cannot surpass 100 pieces?” Huang Yueli subconsciously frowned.

Divine General Xiao continued to explain upon seeing her reaction. “These Spirit Armaments are for the allied armies’ usage after all. If we were to allow Young Master Li to refine in large quantities, then there is no point in us purchasing these illustrations. Moreover, it can’t be sold at a high price, isn’t it? I heard from Divine General Mu that Young Master Li has very good business sense. So you should understand my meaning.”

Huang Yueli rose an eyebrow as a meaningful smile surfaced on her lips.

“I didn’t expect… Divine General Xiao to be an expert as well!”

How would Huang Yueli not understand Divine General Xiao’s meaning?

When a Spirit Armament was put up for sale, it didn’t represent that the more one manufactured, the more one would sell, and the more money one would earn!

If Huang Yueli were to sell 10 thousand pieces a year, those Spirit Armaments’ price would surely not be very much. Each piece’s profit would be very limited.

But if the Spirit Armament’s quantity was condensed to only 100 pieces, these modified Spirit Armaments would become a rare product.

Huang Yueli’s Spirit Armaments might be low grade Spirit Armaments, but it was exactly because of this that even Dream Profound Realm practitioners and below could utilize these Spirit Armaments to 100% of their power!

There should be a lot of powerful practitioners among the large forces in God Realm who were willing to purchase these Spirit Armaments for their juniors at a high price.

The lesser the quantity, the higher the price would be!

Divine General Xiao laughed and said, “Young Master Li is an understanding person. This is beneficial to both parties, isn’t it?”

Huang Yueli naturally wouldn’t reject anything that had such great benefits.

She smiled and nodded her head. “Alright, then we shall deal according to both Divine General’s point!”