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Chapter 3321: You Had Better Not Be Lying To Me (3)

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“You even came out with such stuff. Do you really think I’m a fool with no common sense??” Li Leyun looked at Lan Mengqing with an unfriendly gaze.

Earlier she almost believed Lan Mengqing’s words until this very sentence. Then she started to feel that Lan Mengqing’s speech might have been a lie just to scare her!

Lan Mengqing was considered her peer, and they had fought in more than 20 different events. Hence, she had some understanding of Lan Mengqing’s ability.

Lan Mengqing was not as good as them, the best heaven grade geniuses, but she was definitely one of the stronger exponents in the younger generation.

Especially after Jing Shaoyuan, Li Leyun, and the others who continuously advanced into Heart Profound Realm, Lan Mengqing was invincible among Dream Profound Realm practitioners!

Now, Lan Mengqing said Li Moying’s Lower Realm wife who was in her 20s was already in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase and said to have reached the standard of heaven grade genius. Li Leyun might be a little suspicious, but she could still barely believe this.

But if it was said that a Dream Profound Realm mid-phase practitioner managed to defeat a Dream Profound Realm peak state practitioner, moreover the opponent was a peak-state practitioner like Lan Mengqing who had various secret skills… this just sounded too dubious!

Lan Mengqing didn’t bother to explain further upon seeing that she did not believe in her.

“It’s up to you to believe or not. Anyway, what I told you is the truth and I stand by my words. Go ask around and you will find out about everything! Anyway, this Young Madam Li is not simple. She has both beauty and brains, and her ability is tyrannical. Why would Young Master Li bear to give up on such a gorgeous beauty? Even if you’re the Clan Leader’s niece, he isn’t willing, isn’t it? Moreover…”

Lan Mengqing recalled the couple’s intimate actions during the banquet and couldn’t help but say, “Moreover, your deduction on Young Master Li is correct. He might be cold to other women, but to the one he loves, he is really gentle and considerate. He’s simply a wife-slave! You didn’t see how much he adores Young Madam Li, pouring wine and getting food for her. He seems as though he can’t wait to feed her himself. My Shaoyuan can’t even be compared to a finger of his. It makes all of us so envious…”

Before Lan Mengqing could finish her words, Li Leyun couldn’t stand hearing it any longer!

The news that Lan Mengqing brought today was not just a bolt of lightning!

Originally, she had everything beautifully planned out. She believed that she would end up marrying Li Moying.

But in the end, what she received was this piece of news!

If Li Moying’s Lower Realm wife was just like what Lan Mengqing had described, that would mean that she had no chances at all!

The only thing she could rely on was her status as the Clan Leader’s niece!

But in the eyes of the Clan Leader, she was just his niece. She couldn’t possibly be more important than the clan’s only god grade genius. If Li Moying insisted on not marrying her, the Clan Leader would definitely not insist.

Especially so after Lan Mengqing described how loving the two of them were in the end…

Li Leyun just couldn’t imagine how that cold and emotionless man could even do such things!

She slammed her fist on the table and got up from her seat.

“Lan Mengqing, you’d better not be lying to me. I will go and check it out clearly!”

Saying that, she stared fiercely at Lan Mengqing and turned around to leave!

Lan Mengqing looked at her departing back and couldn’t help but shake her head. “Sigh, another crazy one! But Li Leyun is an obstinate person by nature, so she probably wouldn’t give up so easily as me?”

Empyrean Fox Continent, Medial Arch City.

Medial Arch City was just three cities apart from Blessed City, so it took less than a day by flying ship to reach there.