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Chapter 3320: You Had Better Not Be Lying To Me (2)

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Thinking of this, Len Mengqing suddenly empathized with her and didn’t treat Li Leyun as hostile as before.

She looked down and said to Li Leyun, “Eldest Young Miss Li, I’m not lying to you. All the guests had witnessed the scene that happened in the Divine General residence. The whole Blessed City is talking about it over the past few days! You just need to go and ask anyone, then you’ll know if I’m telling the truth.”

That day, the most embarrassed person was her, Lan Mengqing. Originally, she hoped that no one would ever find out about this matter.

But seeing that Li Leyun was even more comical than herself, Lan Mengqing didn’t mind it that much any longer.

Anyway, even if Li Leyun planned to find out, she would probably focus on Li Moying and Huang Yueli’s matters. She wouldn’t even care about what Lan Mengqing was doing!

Li Leyun heard Lan Mengqing’s frank and assured tone and the resolute belief in her heart started to waver in a second.

“Is what…. Is what you said… the truth?”

Lan Mengqing nodded and said, “Absolutely true! Moreover, I’ll tell you something that you aren’t willing to hear. I can’t tell that Li Moying’s wife ascended from the Lower Realm at all. Her looks are so beautiful that I can only say that she’s stunning. The moment she appeared, even I feel that I will lose out to her!”

“What? You lost to that little slut??” Li Leyun’s eyes widened like full moons.

The news of Li Moying’s Lower Realm wife’s ascension had already given her a huge blow. She didn’t expect Lan Mengqing to say that this woman was so beautiful! And she had even lost to her!

What’s wrong with her? Was she not intentionally creating a lie to agitate me?

Li Leyun might also slight Lan Mengqing with disdain, but in terms of looks, she got to admit that Lan Mengqing’s title of God Realm’s Four Great Beauties was indeed befitting. She was gorgeous and was even more attractive than herself, Li Leyun.

Such a publicly acknowledged beauty who usually used her looks to crush the other women had admitted that she wasn’t as good-looking as another person??

Was there such a beautiful woman in this world?

Moreover, that person happened to be Li Moying’s Lower Realm wife??

Li Leyun suddenly became absent-minded. This matter was a little too mythical, wasn’t it?

But she didn’t expect the second part of the story to be even more mythical.

Lan Mengqing paused and threw out another heavy-weight news.

“Young Master Li’s wife is not only beautiful, but her innate talent is also astounding! She looks like she’s only in her 20s, but her cultivation is already in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase! I feel that she also is a heaven grade genius. Moreover, her actual combat power is extremely strong. I challenged her at the banquet, but I was defeated by her in one move!”

Challenging Huang Yueli was Lan Mengqing’s greatest embarrassment.

So she was hesitating for a while earlier. But in the end, she decided to say this out.

Anyway, this matter wasn’t a secret. After Li Leyun left, she would immediately hear of it.

If she told her this now, she would be able to see Li Leyun’s appalled expression. That was a good deal!

As expected, Li Leyun seemed as though she had seen a living ghost after she heard that. She appeared to be extremely shocked.

“Y…Y…Y… You said that woman defeated you in one move??”

Lan Mengqing nodded.

“How can someone in her twenties in the Dream Profound Realm mid-phase cultivation manage to defeat you in one move??”