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Chapter 3319: You Had Better Not Be Lying To Me (1)

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It was just like what Lan Mengqing had thought in the first place. Li Leyun simply thought nothing of Li Moying’s Lower Realm wife.

In her opinion, how could a country bumpkin from the Lower Realm be compared with her?

Li Leyun sneered and said, “Why? This is what you wanted to tell me? So what if Brother Moying was already married in the Lower Realm? Who knows how long it would take for that woman to ascend to God Realm if she has the ability? Moreover, even if she’s here, she could at most be a serving maid based on her status. Don’t tell me she’s hoping to be Brother Moying’s principal wife?”

Hearing that, Lan Mengqing could no longer hold it in and roared with laughter.

Li Leyun felt a chill run down her spine from her laugh and shouted, “Shut up, what are you laughing at? What’s so funny? Do you think Jing Shaoyuan doesn’t have any maid in his room? The more outstanding talents a man has, the more this kind of thing would happen. What’s there to be so bothered about?”

She assumed that when she talked about Jing Shaoyuan, she would definitely be able to agitate Lan Mengqing. At least, she would be able to make her suspicious.

But Len Mengqing simply found Li Leyun too amusing and couldn’t believe what she had just said.

“I don’t know if my Shaoyuan has a maid in the room but I do know that Young Lord Li’s wife has already ascended from the Lower Realm to God Realm. This is absolutely true, so you’d better worry about yourself first!”

Li Leyun was stunned. “What? What did you say? That woman is already in God Realm??”

After her reaction, she realized that something was wrong so she looked at Lan Mengqing with a doubtful gaze. “That’s not right. How… did you know about this matter? Don’t think of coming out with a lie to deceive me!”

Lan Mengqing giggled and said, “Why would I come out with a story to lie to you for no reason? To tell you the truth. Young Lord Li killed Sky Devil Ruize this time because he was on his way to save his wife who had just ascended from the Lower Realm! Moreover, Young Master Li had already brought his wife along to the banquet at the Divine General residence that day!”

“What?? He… brought that woman to attend the banquet at the Divine General residence?” Li Leyun asked in disbelief.

Lan Mengqing continued to say, “Young Master Li had publicly introduced the lady beside him to everyone as his wife. So now, everyone knows that Young Lord Li from Cloudy Qilin Clan is already married and he has a wife! Yet, you’re going around telling everyone that you’re Young Master Li’s fiancée?? Haha, I wonder how other people will poke fun of you behind your back!”

Hearing Lan Mengqing’s words, Li Leyun’s expression instantly turned pale. At the same time, she shook her head furiously, unable to accept this truth.

“Impossible, this is not possible! Brother Moying… how can he admit that Lower Realm woman is his wife? His status is so noble, how can he marry that kind of woman!”

“You’re lying to me. You’re definitely lying to me!!” Li Leyun stared fiercely at Lan Mengqing.

Lan Mengqing saw Li Leyun’s look. Although she did find her comical, she couldn’t help but silently sigh for her.

Li Leyun had always been one of the talented young ladies with high expectations. In the past, she had always slighted the other men who wooed her with disdain.

But she, she had such deep feelings for Li Moying…

However, Li Moying was such a perfect man. So it was no wonder that Li Leyun could not let him go.

Even she was also smitten by that cold, handsome face. She did something out of her character and made an embarrassment out of herself.