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Chapter 3317: Li Moying Is Already Married (8)

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Moreover, the gist of her conversation was to hint to Lan Mengqing that she, Li Leyun was Li Moying’s default “fiancée”!

After the God Realm Tournament, the clan would arrange for their engagement ceremony!

These words weren’t just based on Li Leyun’s assumption only. In reality, Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Clan Leader had secretly told Li Leyun about his thinking. He even asked her if she was willing to comply with the clan’s arrangement.

Why would Li Leyun not be willing to do so? In reality, she was ecstatic about this arrangement!

With the Clan Leader as her backing, Li Leyun simply disregarded Li Zijun’s existence. To her, the latter was just an Elder’s daughter. Even if she also liked Li Moying, there was no use because she had no right to fight over this man with her!

In Li Leyun’s opinion, Li Moying had always been accepting the clan’s arrangement after he arrived at Cloudy Qilin Clan. So it could be said that he was extremely loyal to the clan.

Moreover, Li Leyun was one of God Realm’s most outstanding and talented young ladies, so there wasn’t any better partner than her.

So, as long as the Clan Leader gave the order, the chances of Li Moying agreeing to it were very high.

Hence, Li Leyun started to set herself up as “Li Moying’s fiancée”.

When she met her old acquaintance Lan Mengqing, Li Leyun couldn’t wait to tell her this self-proclaimed status so that she could admire the envious expression on the latter’s face!

“Isn’t Lan Mengqing always showing off her fiancé Jing Shaoyuan? Didn’t she always use Jing Shaoyuan to agitate us young ladies who have not been engaged? What about now?”

Li Leyun’s happiness was blooming like a flower as she looked at Lan Mengqing with disdain!

When Lan Mengqing heard Li Leyun’s words, her eyes widened with disbelief. She wondered if she had heard the latter wrongly.

But thinking carefully about it and comparing it to Li Leyun’s complacent expression, Lan Mengqing suddenly understood something as a playful expression appeared on her face.

“You said… Young Lord Li is going to be engaged to you? Are you sure? Or did I hear you wrongly?”

Li Leyun took a look at Lan Mengqing and realized that the expression on her face didn’t look quite right. It wasn’t the same look that she had been expecting.

But Li Leyun was filled with a superior aura right now and didn’t think too much of it. She assumed that Lan Mengqing was just trying to stay composed!

To take it a step further to agitate Lan Mengqing, she intentionally added oil to the fire. “I’m sure. Of course, I’m sure! You don’t know that under Brother Moying’s cold and aloof look, he can be very gentle and considerate to the woman he likes! Moreover, our engagement had already been cast in stone by the Clan Leader himself. It’s a foregone conclusion!”

Saying that she couldn’t help but show a bashful look, as though she was pretending to be humble.

“Sigh, I’m so sorry to be telling you this! But I don’t know who else to tell if I don’t share this with you! Among the heaven grade geniuses, we are the only ones who are engaged. If I were to tell the others, they might think I’m showing off! Only an engaged person like you can understand my feelings…”

With that, Li Leyun paused and asked intentionally, “Hmm? Mengqing, why aren’t you saying anything?”

Lan Mengqing stared at her with a stiff expression. She did not say a single word.

In reality, she was already stifling with laughter. If she were to open her mouth, she was afraid that she might just burst out laughing!