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Chapter 3316: Li Moying Is Already Married (7)

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Li Leyun was intentionally picking on her sore point to talk about. The moment she walked in, she mentioned the banquet!

That night at the Divine General residence was Lan Mengqing and Jing Shaoyuan’s most embarrassing night in their whole lives!

It was also because of that day that Jing Shaoyuan suffered a huge blow and suddenly decided to go into closed door cultivation.

Hearing Li Leyun’s gloating tone, Lan Mengqing’s face flushed red for a long time before she managed to hiss out a sentence. “This… Of course, we went to the banquet as well and the event was indeed magnificent! Young Master Li indeed lives up to his fame as a talented junior of the Cloudy Qilin Clan…”

In order to swipe past this embarrassing topic, Lan Mengqing bore with disgust and started to praise Cloudy Qilin Clan.

Whoever knew that the minute Li Leyun heard these, she didn’t go with the flow. Instead, she insisted on talking about the events during the banquet.

Li Leyun showed a shocked expression and said exaggeratedly, “What? Really? You guys also attended the banquet? That’s great, I envy you! Then you should have seen Brother Moying, right? Isn’t he really good-looking?”

Brother Moying?

Hearing Li Leyun addressing Li Moying in such a manner, Lan Mengqing was slightly dazed and she felt a little indisposed.

Although the two of them looked as though they were of the same age, in terms of bone age, Li Moying seemed to be younger than her? Yet she addressed his as Brother? Why did it sound a little ambiguous?

But Lan Mengqing had to admit that Li Moying indeed looked very outstanding.

She nodded. “Young Master Li indeed is extraordinarily handsome. Moreover, he killed a Sky Devil mid-phase strong exponent at such a young age. It’s really… unimaginable. I heard that he is God Realm’s rare god grade genius that hasn’t been seen in the past 10 thousand years… I believe, all the God clans are jealous of Cloudy Qilin Clan’s luck.”

Until now, Lan Mengqing still couldn’t forget the shock she felt when she laid eyes on Li Moying for the first time, as well as the feeling of emotionally aroused when she heard of his identity and ability.

If it wasn’t because she had seen a gorgeous beauty standing beside Li Moying with her own eyes, and was stunned by Huang Yueli’s ability, she would probably still be having dreams about Li Moying now.

But after recognizing the distance between her and Huang Yueli, Lan Mengqing finally got rid of that feeling she had for Li Moying.

With a perfect beauty like Huang Yueli beside him, as long as Li Moying was not blind, he would not take any fancy to herself.

This was the reason why Lan Mengqing decided to focus on Jing Shaoyuan again.

As a descendant of the Empyrean Fox Clan, she was a practical person. Since she had no hopes of seducing Li Moying, she couldn’t possibly allow any problem to come between her and Jing Shaoyuan. Otherwise, her status in the clan would be affected.

Li Leyun felt delighted upon hearing Lan Mengqing’s praises of Li Moying.

A man like him would surely attract all the women’s gazes.

This slutty fox Lan Mengqing knew how to appreciate the good stuff!

Li Leyun’s eyeballs rolled and chuckled. “Haha, you’ve overpraised him! Brother Moying usually likes to keep a low profile. This time he probably met with an accident, so he has no choice but to step into the limelight! Originally, my uncle was planning to wait until Brother Moying has attended the God Realm Tournament before introducing him to all the God Clans during our engagement. Now, everyone has already found out about him beforehand!”

Li Leyun’s words sounded rather humble.

But the hidden message inside was radiating with unmasked flaunts.