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Chapter 3312: Li Moying Is Already Married (3)

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The flying ship ascended into the sky.

Li Moying was just about to embrace his wife back to the cabin and have some intimate time together. But before he could move, he heard a burst of excited cheers from his side.

“Wow, this is… this is God Realm’s flying ship!”

Li Moying silently knew something was amiss and hurriedly turned around.

He saw Huang Yueli’s eyes shining brightly and shot up like an arrow to the side of the ship. Then she touched the array patterns and metals while muttering to herself.

“Incredible, it can fly so high! This is definitely a high grade Treasure Armament! I wonder when will I be able to refine such an incredible Spirit Armament!”

“Wow, it’s even equipped with eighteen cannons! I wonder how powerful is the might of the cannon. How great would it be if a Spirit Beast comes to attack us now? Then I can test it out…”

“This array pattern! Is it an accelerator array pattern? It can be drawn like this? This is… so magical!”

It was Huang Yueli’s first time sitting in God Realm’s flying ship after she arrived in God Realm. She loved to research high grade Spirit Armaments most. So when she saw this luxurious and high grade flying ship, she immediately seemed as though she had met her lover, refusing to budge!

When she was in the Lower Realm, Huang Yueli already knew how to refine a flying ship herself.

But God Realm’s situation was different from Lower Realm. The intensity of the Heaven and Earth Profound Qi was much higher, so the resistance during flying was also much higher by more than 10 times!

This pressure was something that the Lower Realm’s flying ship could not handle. Flying under this condition would only take several seconds for the Lower Realm’s flying ship to shatter into pieces and fall apart.

Moreover, God Realm’s lowest tier of Spirit Beast was equivalent to Soaring Heavens Continents’ ninth tier magical beast. Their movement speed was also very fast. Catching a Spirit Beast to use as a means of transport was good enough. The costs were also very low, so if a flying ship was to be manufactured, it was necessary to create a Lower Realm flying ship with 100 times its flying speed before it could satisfy the value of its use.

These two limitations had determined the distance to Huang Yueli creating a God Realm’s flying ship to be still far away.

Seeing Huang Yueli immersing in her research and having completely forgotten about himself, Li Moying found it both amusing and helpless.

This young lass, she’s really… forget it. I’ll leave her be and go cultivate on my own!

Just when Huang Yueli and Li Moying boarded the flying ship to depart, the Blessed City’s Divine Lieutenant residence where Jing Shaoyuan stayed was filled with a depressing atmosphere.

Ever since Jing Shaoyuan and Lan Mengqing failed in mocking Li Moying and his wife at the Divine General residence and were slapped on the face instead, the two of them had not taken a single step out of their houses.

In reality, the doors to Jing Shaoyuan’s manor were tightly shut, and he refused to meet all visitors.

After this devastating blow, Jing Shaoyuan seemed to become despondent. When he slipped out of the Divine General residence, his expression resembled a dead person.

Even the aged steward in his manor was shocked to see Jing Shaoyuan in this manner.

“Young Master, what’s the matter with you…” He asked cautiously.

The ashen look in Jing Shaoyuan’s eyes suddenly flashed a piercing glint.

“Steward, pass my instructions around that from today onwards, I will not meet any guests. As for my post as Divine Lieutenant, send someone to the Divine General residence to tender my resignation!”

“What?? Young Master, what are you trying to do?”

The aged steward did not expect Jing Shaoyuan to leave the manor this afternoon with an energetic look, only to return a couple of hours dispiritedly. He even said that he would resign from the post of Divine Lieutenant!