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Chapter 3311: Li Moying Is Already Married (2)

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Li Moying was leaning against the chair reading a book when he heard her and looked up.

“Are you preparing to go to Medial Arch City?”

Huang Yueli muttered, “It sounds rather troublesome… but President Liu told me before that this transaction involves a huge amount of money. The allied armies would surely place importance on this greatly. If I want to sell it at a good price, I will definitely have to accept the allied armies’ arrangement…”

Huang Yueli thought for a moment and blinked as she looked at Li Moying. “Moying, if I were to go to Medial Arch City, will I hold up your itinerary?”

Li Moying’s lips curled into a faint smile when he heard that.

“Hold up my itinerary? How is that possible? My itinerary is to accompany you, wherever you want to go!”

Huang Yueli was very touched upon hearing that as she exclaimed coquettishly, “Moying, you’re so good to me!”

She walked over and offered a peck on Li Moying’s face as a reward.

Whoever knew that she was just about to leave after her peck when Li Moying grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his arms.

“Isn’t this reward a little too less? Li’er, haven’t I ever taught you that when you show gratitude to others, you must show enough sincerity…”

Li Moying mumbled next to her ears as his scorching breath blew on her earlobes, making them turn red in an instant.

The two of them “discussed” for an entire night and came up with the conclusion to head to Medial Arch City.

But the next day, Huang Yueli only managed to get up from bed at noon.

After washing up, she ran to Li Moying and urged impatiently, “We agreed to set off early this morning, but look at the time now! It’s all your fault!”

Li Moying was holding a thick cultivation method book and was studying it when he heard her voice. He looked up and smiled. “How can you blame me? I woke up early in the morning. You were the one who was sleeping in and that’s why we can’t leave…”

Huang Yueli’s expression instantly flushed red and she blurted out, “Wasn’t the reason why I slept in because of…”

“Because of what?” Li Moying asked puzzledly with an innocent look on his face.


Seeing Li Moying’s sanctimonious look and recalling how savage he was…

Hmph, he was just a hypocrite!

Huang Yueli was so angry that she ran over and kicked him. “That’s because you are a big baddie! Be quick! Otherwise, I’ll turn you into a eunuch if you keep dawdling!”

Huang Yueli didn’t go easy on him and Li Moying’s expression contorted from the pain inflicted.

Sss… This young lass! I didn’t even do anything much to her. Does she need to be so shy? We’ve already been married for more than two years…

Although the total time they had been together in truth was only two months. But that did not conceal the truth that they had already been married for two years!

Li Moying shook his head slightly and followed Huang Yueli out. At the same time, he didn’t forget to instruct the guards behind him. “Tian Er, bring the warm breakfast along. Young Madam still hadn’t eaten yet, so she will definitely say she’s hungry later!”

Li Tian Er, the yes-man, hurriedly ran to handle the request but kept sighing inwardly as he thought, “Our Young Lord had always been so arrogant and overbearing. Who could tell that he is a wife-slave! Young Madam is pampered so much by him that she’s floating to the skies! Even a girl isn’t that delicate.”

Sighing to himself, he broke out in cold sweat for his Young Lord!

Li Moying managed to chase up Huang Yueli halfway and brought her to the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s flying ship.

This flying ship had stopped in the outskirts for more than a month. Now, it was finally time for its use again.

“Let’s set off and head straight to Medial Arch City!”