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Chapter 3310: Li Moying Is Already Married (1)

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Two sets of spring mechanisms might seem very little, but as the lethal poison in the Torrential Rain Shower Needles was overly powerful, it would still be able to swing the success to their favor in crucial times!

To be able to get two sets were already very hard to come by.

Moreover, Huang Yueli was giving it to them for free. This was what made Meng Shurong feel grateful.

The more they looked at Huang Yueli, the more both Divine Generals were satisfied with her. Listening to her analysis, they knew that this young lady surely was an extremely powerful Spiritual Armament Master. She explained clearly and logically about Spirit Armaments’ production and usage.

Adding to the fact that she was very personable…

She was indeed Li Moying’s wife! The two of them had a great future ahead of them!

This young couple was so compatible. Anyone who saw them could only feel envious.

As Huang Yueli had promised them two sets of Torrential Rain Shower Needles, Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling became even more passionate towards her. In a second, even Li Moying was no longer favored and left by the side.

Li Moying couldn’t help but shake his head silently when he saw his little fox’s sharp fangs in her devious smile.

Based on his understanding of Huang Yueli, he naturally knew that Huang Yueli couldn’t possibly manufacture more Torrential Rain Shower Needles.

But it would become worthless if too much of such good stuff was around in the market.

Taking those standardized Spirit Armaments that Huang Yueli manufactured, which were, after all, the most basic models. Even after modification, they were still ordinary Spirit Armaments. Moreover, she was willing to hand over the illustrations in exchange for a large number of crystal jades and military merit.

But for this kind of exclusive Spirit Armament that she had personally designed, she would definitely keep it well-hidden. Even if she could manufacture 100 pieces a day, she would only take one or two pieces out each year to sell.

As the saying went, the rarest items are the most valuable ones. So his little fox couldn’t possibly understand this reasoning.

Following this, the banquet no longer caused any ripples.

Amid the amiable atmosphere, the banquet continued for a couple more hours.

In between, many practitioners held competitions to liven up the event. But there weren’t any tipping points.

Huang Yueli happened to think about Jing Shaoyuan and turned to look at his seat, only to discover that Jing Shaoyuan had already gone mission. She thought, “He probably can’t stand the shame of staying in the banquet hall, so he slipped away silently!”

She discovered that he even brought Lan Mengqing along with her.

Huang Yueli shrugged her shoulders but did not say anything. After all, this was something they asked for!

After the banquet ended, Huang Yueli and Li Moying stayed on in Blessed City for slightly more than a week.

Meng Shurong was extremely happy over this and would invite them over to the Castellan Manor from time to time. He even introduced several allied armies’ higher management to the two of them.

Actually, Li Moying disliked entertaining other people. He preferred to bring his little fox back home and enjoy their intimidate time together while locked up in the room.

However, Huang Yueli had to wait for President Liu from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber to send her the news. So they could only continue to wait for a couple more days.

During this time, Li Yukun and the other Divine Lieutenants exchanged garrison duties and returned to Blessed City from the frontline.

Following his arrival, Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi’s military merits were verified one after another. Although everyone was prepared, they were still astounded by the news!

It was only on the eighth day when President Liu finally sent a letter to Huang Yueli.

“President Liu’s letter says the allied armies’ higher manager is extremely interested in my illustrations. It so happens that a Divine General in charge of the armies’ resources is in Medial Arch City. He asked if I could head to Medial Arch City for negotiations?”

Holding the letter in her hands, Huang Yueli frowned slightly.