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Chapter 3309: Huang Yueli’s Military Merits (6)

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If one were to average out their cultivations to achieve this feat, they were absolutely more incredible than Jing Shaoyuan!

Jing Shaoyuan’s proudest achievement had been suppressed by Huang Yueli!

In a second, his complexion turned as white as paper. His body swayed slightly as if he was about to fall at any time.

So, not only did he lose out to Li Moying. He even… couldn’t be compared with that petite wife of Li Moying’s!


He gave a low roar and sweetness filled his throat. Following that, he spat out a mouthful of blood!

The bystanders couldn’t help but shook their heads.

Although Jing Shaoyuan was worth pitying, he and Lan Mengqing were the ones who caused this outcome themselves.

However, Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling had no free time to notice Jing Shaoyuan’s abnormality.

Both of them delved into excitement after Huang Yueli finished her story and they kept asking her questions non-stop.

Of course, it wasn’t because they doubted the authenticity of Huang Yueli’s words. Trying to falsely claim another person’s military merits was actually very difficult to do. If Huang Yueli was telling lies, when Li Yukun returned in the future, he would be able to expose her with a few words. Whereas for her, her reputation would be completely destroyed. Furthermore, she would drag Li Moying down with her!

Normal people would never do such a thing. Moreover, she had already basked in the limelight today, so there was no need for her to take this risk.

The two Divine Generals were interested in the spring mechanism that she and Xia Yunxi had manufactured.

“Young Madam Li, earlier you mentioned that kind of spring mechanism…” Meng Shurong asked.

Huang Yueli looked at him and said, “You mean… the Torrential Rain Shower Needles?”

Meng Shurong jolted and chuckled, “This spring mechanism is called the Torrential Rain Shower Needles? That naming is so apt! I wonder if you have any finished products with you? Or perhaps are you willing to tell the allied armies your production method? To tell you the truth, this kind of spring mechanism that can kill a Sky Devil is something that the allied armies need the most.”

Huang Yueli shook her head slightly and replied sounding apologetic, “Divine General Sir, it’s not that I’m unwilling to share the production method. The main reason why this spring mechanism can work up such a huge effect is because of the lethal poison that Young Madam Jun had given! In reality, even if the spring mechanism could shoot out so many silver needles, it only managed to pierce through the Sky Devil strong exponent’s skin. Without the poison, this bit of injury is simply like scratching an itch for them!”

Hearing that, Meng Shurong frowned as he delved into deep thoughts.

Huang Yueli said again, “Moreover, the Torrential Rain Shower Needles’ production method is a little expensive. If it’s used to attack Earth Devils or ordinary devil soldiers, it might be effective, but due to the high production cost, it would be cheaper to make a few more standardized Spirit Armaments.”

Hearing her analysis, Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling nodded their heads silently.

Meng Shurong sighed and said, “Looks like I’ve thought things out to be too simple! What you say is right. This kind of spring mechanism has top many limiting conditions and it’s also not cheap. It is indeed not as cost-effective as ordinary standardized Spirit Armaments…”

Seeing that he had been convinced, Huang Yueli smiled and changed the topic to say, “But I have two sets of finished Torrential Rain Shower Needles here. If both Divine Generals are interested, I will get someone to send it over to the Divine General residence tomorrow. But these two finished products can only be activated once. The needles inside are laced with lethal poison, so you must exercise caution when you use it!”

Meng Shurong’s face immediately lit up with joy when he heard that.

“That’s great, that’s wonderful! Young Madam Li, I really have to thank you for this time!”