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Chapter 3308: Huang Yueli’s Military Merits (5)

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Destroying a Demon Tribe’s campsite was the foundation to establish the success of the frontline’s victory!

Furthermore, this was the work of two young ladies, who were at the frontline for their very first time!

Nothing was more astonishing than this!

Initially, everyone only thought of Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi as a lining to their husband’s brilliance. But now, everyone sensed that they had been ridiculously wrong!

Under everyone’s shocked, surprised, and embarrassed gazes, Huang Yueli remained seated calmly.

When she was in the Lower Realm previously, she had come across such gazes plenty of times. So now that she arrived in God Realm, there was nothing unaccustomed at all.

Li Moying’s lips curled into a smile as he looked adoringly at his wife.

He knew that his Li’er was the most outstanding and brilliant talented young lady. No one could conceal her brilliance, no matter where she was!

After a while, Meng Shurong came back to his senses.

“Young Madam Li, this… I really don’t know what to say! I didn’t expect you and Young Madam Jun to establish such major credit on the frontline. Why didn’t you tell us earlier?”

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “It would sound like boasting if we say this on our own. I was thinking that when Divine Lieutenant Li returns to Blessed City, he will naturally apply for our military merits, hence I didn’t think about mentioning this. I didn’t imagine that today…”

She paused momentarily before continuing, “Today, a small incident happened and my husband is afraid that I would be at a disadvantage hence he mentioned us killing Rui Xuan. I had no choice but to praise myself in order to explain this story clearly. I hope both Divine Lieutenants will not feel that I’m too young and reckless!”

Although Huang Yueli did not spell it out clearly, everyone could tell that the ‘incident’ that she mention referred to Lan Mengqing insisting on challenging her.

In a second, everyone shot sympathetic gazes at Lan Mengqing and Jing Shaoyuan.

They thought, “These two had really made a misguided attempt to provoke Young Madam Li time and again! They must be assuming that she was a softie who could be picked on?”

“In reality, beneath Young Madam Li’s petite and gentle looks is overbearing power that makes one shiver with fright!”

“Now that she decided not to stay low-profile, Jing Shaoyuan and his fiancée are totally no match for her!”

Lan Mengqing was still in a coma, which was considered a streak of good luck. After all, she wouldn’t be able to see those mocking gazes.

On the other hand, Jing Shaoyuan felt his face burning up after being stared at by so many guests. All he wanted was to immediately disappear from this place or burrow a hole and hide inside!

Jing Shaoyuan thought, “Li Moying’s wife killed a Sky Devil early-phase devil!”

“I had also killed a Sky Devil early-phase devil and relied on that to rise to fame. That’s also how I obtained such a high status in the army!”

“Moreover, from her description, I think the merits they will obtain from killing the Sky Devil will be higher than mine!”

Previously, Jing Shaoyuan had practically picked up a piece of devil stone for free. But Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi relied on their powerful Spiritual Armament and Spiritual Alchemy skills to set up a refined trap. They also used their outstanding commanding skills to kill Sky Devil Rui Xuan!

It was easy to tell whose ability was higher from this.

The only thing he could pick on was Huang Yueli managed to complete this mission with Xia Yunxi’s help.

But the two of them were, after all, only in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase cultivation.