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Chapter 3304: Huang Yueli’s Military Merits (1)

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As for him acting like a smart aleck, he caused Lan Mengqing into deep trouble!

No wonder Meng Shurong said earlier that if he heard the answer, he would surely regret it…

Li Moying swept a cold glance at the ashen-faced Jing Shaoyuan. Following that, his gaze turned towards Huang Yueli who stood in the center of the competition grounds.

The look in his eyes instantly turned gentle, as he held out his hand to her.

“Why are you still standing there? You must be tired out from the two rounds of competition, right? Quickly come over here and sit down!”

Huang Yueli pouted because she didn’t feel tired at all!

Although she indeed went through two rounds of competition, she only used one move in each round to finish up the fight. To tell the truth, she didn’t even put in much effort. So how would she be tired?

In reality, she was taking the opportunity while no one was noticing her enjoy the show!

The couple, Jing Shaoyuan and Lan Mengqing, were the perfect description of “serves you right for doing something stupid!”

Right now, all she wanted to do was to keep a low profile. If it wasn’t because they kept forcing her, she would absolutely not make things difficult for them.

Now, things had gone out of control and these two had completely lost their reputation. After today, they probably wouldn’t even dare to leave their houses because they were afraid of being ridiculed by other people!

As for her, her plan of keeping low-profile had also gone down the drain. She might have vented her anger by hogging the limelight, but…

No one knew if she might get into other kinds of trouble because of this.

Huang Yueli thought, “Sigh, I can only take one step at a time!”

Huang Yueli was pondering over this while feeling a little stifled when she heard Li Moying calling out to her. She blinked and immediately walked to her husband.

Li Moying held her hand and pulled her gently.

Huang Yueli immediately went with the flow and sat beside him. She even leaned toward him, portraying a cute and helpless-looking image. That obedient look… no one would ever doubt a word if someone were to claim that she was a good girl who had never left her house!

Seeing this, the eyeballs of all the practitioners in the banquet hall almost popped out!

Looking at her staying beside Li Moying, no one could imagine that just a quarter of an hour ago, she was still in the center of the competition grounds. She managed to defeat Empyrean Fox Clan’s Lan Mengqing easily with just one blow in each round!

During the battle, her judgment was precise and her moves were decisive. She would absolutely not lose out to any men.

But now…

Everyone suddenly realized that they had been deceived by this peerless beauty’s elegant look right from the start!

They thought that she resembled a fainty and pure lily flower. However, there were sharp pricks beneath her petals, which were even sharper than roses by a hundred times or more!

“But I really envy Young Master Li… He has such an incredible wife, but when she is beside him, she is so obedient and docile. It simply seems as though she has changed into another person…” Someone lamented.

Other people immediately spoke out indignantly and rebuked, “Then isn’t Young Master Li also submissive to his wife? Can’t you see that Young Master Li totally disregards all the other ladies, and he only had eyes for his wife?”

“Hmm, it seems right to say this as well…”

“Sigh, I really envy them…”

Everyone sighed deeply.

After Li Moying pulled Huang Yueli to her seat, he scooped a bowl of soup for her and watched her drink it. Then he absentmindedly said to Meng Shurong, “Divine General, there’s something I forgot to mention.”