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Chapter 3303: The Consequences of Overestimating Oneself (5)

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Hearing Meng Shurong’s explanation, all the practitioners in the banquet hall started to understand the whole story.

“So it’s like this…”

“But Young Madam Li’s eyesight is so terrifying, isn’t it? We are both in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase but I can’t even see Young Miss Lan’s movements clearly. She actually managed to see through the loophole in one glance?”

“This is such a surprise. I thought Young Madam Li was going to lose for sure!”

“Her eyesight is really too scary! It’s simply unbelievable!”

Amid the audience’s shock and admiration, Jing Shaoyuan bore a face of disbelief.

He thought that as long as Meng Shurong explained, it would be advantageous to him, and he would be able to deal Li Moying with a fatal blow!

Whoever knew that the situation was totally different from what he had imagined!

Meng Shurong indeed was under pressure to explain the entire process in detail. But this explanation did not cause Li Moying and his wife to be embarrassed. It even brought Huang Yueli’s reputation to new heights!

Now, no one would ever doubt that Huang Yueli had won because of external help, or just because her attack power was very outstanding!

Meng Shurong had personally verified that her victory was because of her precise vision, and the perfect grasp of the opportunity at the right timing!

Jing Shaoyuan knew what this meant very clearly!

This represented that Huang Yueli’s power of comprehension was much higher than ordinary practitioners, and it had even surpassed himself!

To practitioners, high power of comprehension didn’t have much obvious effect on practitioners who were in Heart Profound Realm and below. But after they reached Dao Profound Realm, it would entirely depend on their power of comprehension to see if they could break through the crux to reach Life Profound Realm!

To think Huang Yueli actually had such high power of comprehension!

Jing Shaoyuan’s expression was utterly ghastly!

He finally understood deeply the saying “to try and steal a chicken only to end up losing all the rice”!

If time could turn back, he would not provoke Li Moying again. Neither would he dare to instigate Lan Mengqing to cause trouble for Huang Yueli!

Alas, it was of no use to have any regrets now.

Seeing Jing Shaoyuan’s despondent look, Meng Shurong shook his head and sighed.

“Sigh. Originally, I didn’t want to spill this out so clearly. After all, “Eighteen beats of the Nomad Flute” is Empyrean Fox Clan’s secret skill and it’s already an achievement to cultivate it to a small stage. This kind of illusory art might not be of much use to us Dao Profound Realm practitioners, but to the majority of Dream Profound Realm or even Heart Profound Realm practitioners, there is a certain destructive power.”

“Now that I have told everyone about the crux of this, it would be more difficult for Young Miss Lan to use this set of palm techniques to defeat her enemies. If it wasn’t because of Jing Shaoyuan’s insistence, I really did not want to do this.”

Lan Mengqing had just regained consciousness when she heard Meng Shurong exposing the secret of her palm technique. She suffered a great blow, but at the same time, she could not understand why a top rated exponent like Meng Shurong had to do this to her.

In the end, when she heard Meng Shurong’s explanation, her eyes rolled up, and fainted once again!

She trained very hard for several years to attain a small achievement in the “Eighteen beats of Nomad Flute”. But now, under her fiancé’s coercion, the secret of it was exposed to the guests present here!

She was hoping to make use of this palm technique to shine in the God Realm Tournament!

Now… it’s all finished!

As for Jing Shaoyuan, he only realized that the reason for Meng Shurong to hem and haw earlier was all because of Lan Mengqing!