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Chapter 3271: The Real Main Character (6)

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Hearing Jing Shaoyuan’s query, the Divine Lieutenants next to him appeared a little surprised.

“This banquet is held in honor of Young Master Li and Young Master Jun. So getting them to sit in the superior seats is very reasonable, isn’t it?”

“That’s right. A god grade genius like Young Master Li attained such outstanding results at such a young age! In the future, he will definitely become a top exponent on the Profound Sky Chart! It’s perfectly normal for Lord Xuan to appreciate him!”

“That’s right, it should be so!”

Hearing his comrades saying that, Jing Shaoyuan swallowed back the rest of the things that he wanted to say!

He hurriedly turned towards Lan Mengqing.

This time, Lan Mengqing was finally not looking at Li Moying. Instead, she bent over to eat her food and she was very focused, as though she hadn’t realized what was going on in the surroundings.

Jing Shaoyuan silently heaved a sigh of relief. He would absolutely not admit it, but from the moment he saw Li Moying walking into the banquet hall, his heart was filled with jealousy!

At the same time, he felt a deep sense of crisis!

As a man, he naturally knew the impact Li Moying had on the young ladies in God Realm who worshipped strong exponents!

Jing Shaoyuan originally assumed that Lan Mengqing wasn’t focusing on Li Moying. But he didn’t know that Lan Mengqing just seemed as though she was not looking at Li Moying. But she had been pricking her eyes to hear the other people’s discussions.

Many people were talking about Li Moying in the banquet hall and she slowly understood Li Moying’s experience, ability, and status in the Cloudy Qilin Clan. All of these… had won against Jing Shaoyuan instantly!

After Li Moying sat on the chair, he cupped his hands in greeting the two Divine Generals and spoke apologetically.

“Lord Xuan, Divine General Meng, I’m apologizing on behalf of Jun Sihan and his wife. They are not able to attend this banquet today!”

Meng Shurong asked in surprise, “What’s the matter? Why isn’t Young Master Jun coming? Did he meet with any trouble? Is there anything we can help with?”


Xuan Jiuling had organized a banquet, so generally, none of the younger generations would have a reason to not attend it.

Meng Shurong’s first reaction on hearing that Jun Sihan was not attending the banquet was worry that he might have met with trouble.

Li Moying muttered, “I’m not too sure exactly what had happened as well. Originally I had arranged to meet Jun Sihan and his wife and come over to Divine General residence together. But before I set off, he sent someone to pass me a letter stating that he met with an urgent situation. He had to leave with his wife immediately. He also asked me to apologize to both Lords on his behalf!”

Hearing Li Moying’s explanation, Meng Shurong, and Xuan Jiuling were extremely bewildered.

But they did not fuss too much over this.

Xuan Jiuling exclaimed. “It seems that Young Master Jun must have met with some pressing matters! That’s alright. This is just a banquet, so we can’t ask him to put his proper business aside just for the sake of having a meal! This Divine General already feels that meeting a young talent like Young Master Li is already worth my trip here!”

Li Moying didn’t expect Xuan Jiuling to speak so courteously to him. In fact, he even praised him so highly.

He hurriedly leaned over and said, “Lord Xuan has overpraised me!”

Xuan Jiuling smiled. The more he looked at Li Moying, the more satisfied he was.

“In this lifetime, there are slightly over 20 young practitioners with heaven grade innate talent within the twelve ancient God clans! I have always found it a pity that there aren’t any god grade geniuses in this generation! I didn’t expect to meet Young Master Li in Blessed City on my route back!”