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Chapter 3270: The Real Main Character (5)

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Looking at this, Jing Shaoyuan almost fainted from anger!

He thought, “That fellow, Li Moying, is just a little more exquisite looking than him. Isn’t it just because his eyes are a little more enchanting, and his nose was a little straighter? Oh, and that temperament. Seems like he’s good at fooling others!”

“Even so, so what if he’s a god grade genius? Why are the women’s eyes all glued onto him?”

“What’s so good-looking about him?”

“I, Jing Shaoyuan, am also a rare handsome man. In terms of innate talent and ability, I might not be any weaker than Li Moying. But I am being completely ignored by everyone?”

“Even my fiancée seems as though she hasn’t seen a man. Why does she keep staring at that fellow!”

Jing Shaoyuan gritted his teeth silently. But luckily, he remembered that this was an official occasion, so he could not casually flare up and create a ruckus.

He suppressed his tone and called out, “Mengqing, Mengqing! Mengqing!!”

Jing Shaoyuan called out to her several times before Lan Mengqing finally snapped back to her senses.

“Ughh, oh… Shaoyuan. You… you’re calling me? I’m sorry, I felt a little… a little giddy just now. Maybe it’s too stuffy here…” Lan Mengqing knew that it wasn’t nice of her to keep staring at another man, so she hurriedly came up with an excuse to explain her discomposure.

Jing Shaoyuan snorted coldly, and his gaze fell on that faint blush on her face.

This look was just like a young lady whose heartstrings were tugged. This was the same look on Lan Mengqing when they just met!

Yet, she claimed that the room was too stuffy?

It was obviously because she was stunned from staring at Li Moying!

Jing Shaoyuan stared at her and said coldly, “This is Divine General’s banquet so please pay attention to your actions. Otherwise, you might do something that will embarrass both you and me!”


Hearing that, Lan Mengqing’s complexion flushed pale. “You… what do you mean by that?”

As Jing Shaoyuan valued Lan Mengqing as his fiancée, hence he had always shown her gentleness. He had never said such terrible things to her before!

Lan Mengqing instantly became upset.

At the same time, there was a faint hint of guilt.

The reason was when she saw Li Moying and heard everyone discussing his ability, she had indeed forgotten that she was right beside her fiancé. She was absorbed in staring at Li Moying’s perfect side face.

But her heart was still pounding hard until now!

Jing Shaoyuan wanted to say something else, but Li Moying had already cut across the center of the hall, heading directly towards Meng Shurong and Xuan Jiuling.

He cupped his hands as he greeted them. “Lord Xuan, Divine General Meng, this junior from Cloudy Qilin Clan, Li Moying is here to send my greetings!”

Meng Shurong instantly broke into a smile as he hurriedly walked up to him. “Young Master Li, you’re too courteous! Come, quickly have a seat. You can sit here! Men, quickly serve tea to Young Master Li!”

Li Moying responded with a word of thanks and sat on the seat that Meng Shurong had pointed at.

Jing Shaoyuan’s eyes instantly spewed sparks when he saw Li Moying’s seat!

Li Moying was seated next to Meng Shurong, which was the second seat next to the host seat! Moreover, he was sitting so close to Xuan Jiuling!

To be able to sit near a top expert in the Profound Sky Chart like Xuan Jiuling was such a huge glory!

How Jing Shaoyuan wished that the person on the seat was him!

Jing Shaoyuan said hatefully, “Li Moying is just a junior. What right does he have to sit next to Lord Xuan and the others?”

But other than him, no one else felt anything wrong about this seat arrangement.