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Chapter 3253: Actually Despised Me (1)

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However, no matter how unconvinced Jing Shaoyuan was, he could do nothing about it.

Li Moying and Jun Sihan had already verified their ability. Everyone in the study room had long forgotten about Jing Shaoyuan’s existence, only caring about praising these two unparalleled geniuses!

Jing Shaoyuan simply couldn’t stand seeing this any longer. He flew into a rage out of humiliation, flicked his sleeves, and left furiously.

Other than Huang Yueli who was silently observing him, no one else noticed his disappearance.

Whereas Huang Yueli didn’t say anything else and just raised an eyebrow.

Li Moying and Jun Sihan were surrounded by those people. Initially, they tried to be patient and socialized with them.

But the two of them did not like entertaining other people. So after a quarter of an hour, they lost their patience.

Li Moying abruptly stood up.

Everyone was stunned and Meng Shurong asked, “Young Master Li, where are you going off to?”

Li Moying walked straight toward Huang Yueli, held her hand, and pulled her up from her seat. “It’s rather late now and my wife is a little tired. I’m bringing her back to have a rest.”

Seeing that, Jun Sihan also stood up and said, “That’s right. We’ve already traveled continuously for a few days and we finally arrived in the city today. We’re thinking of having a good rest.”

“Oh…” Meng Shurong appeared rather disappointed to hear that.

He originally intended to invite Li Moying and Jun Sihan to a banquet tonight. On one hand, he wanted to hold a welcoming dinner for them while on the other hand, he could make use of this opportunity to get close to them.

But since the two of them had already said this, it would be unsuitable for Meng Shurong to force them to stay.

On second thought, Meng Shurong felt that the two of them would probably stay in Blessed City for a while. He could arrange another banquet over the next few days and also invite some important people from the allied armies over to make it even grander which would yield a better result.

Thinking in this way, he nodded and said, “In that case, This General has already arranged rooms for both Young Masters…”

Li Moying shook his head and interrupted Meng Shurong, “We, the Cloudy Qilin Clan also have properties in Blessed City, so I have my own place to stay. There’s no need to trouble Divine General here.”

Jun Sihan also added, “Same for me. We don’t want to disturb Divine General.”

Meng Shurong felt helpless so he could only send the two of them out personally.

Li Moying and Jun Sihan held their wives’ hands, left the Divine General residence, and returned to their own residences.

After Meng Shurong sent them off, he immediately returned to the study room and shouted excitedly, “Men, men! Quick! Bring me the paper, ink, and brush right now! I must write a war communique and report this to the allied armies Headquarters immediately!”

The operation of killing Sky Devil Ruize this time was done by Li Moying and Jun Sihan. Strictly speaking, they weren’t even his subordinates.

But as long as they managed to protect Blessed City, everyone could get a lot of military merits!

In a second, the entire study room’s atmosphere was filled with joy.

On the other end, Huang Yueli and Li Moying directly returned to a big yard.

Li Moying wrapped his hand around his wife’s slender waist and felt rather apologetic. “I asked them to buy this house at the last minute and it’s a little run-down. I’m sorry that you’ll have to bear with this place for a couple of days. After my flying ship is repaired, we’ll set off back to Cloudy Qilin Continent.”

When he said Cloudy Qilin Clan had properties in Blessed City, it was just an excuse.

Li Moying felt that his wife would probably feel uncomfortable staying in the Divine General residence, so that was why he ordered Li Tianer to purchase a house right after they entered the city. He even asked them to tidy up the place carefully.