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Chapter 3227: Sadistic (6)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Hearing this, Divine Dragon instantly became furious!

It opened its mouth wide and huffed a mouthful of dragon breath at Rui Ze!

Rui Ze’s body was instantly enveloped in a ball of golden light.

His body went stiff and he suddenly sensed that the injuries on his body had all stopped healing!

Li Moying’s lips curled into a smile. “Divine Dragon’s innate talent skill is indeed very useful! Quick, get rid of this fellow!”

Jun Sihan’s Divine Dragon’s innate talent skill was purification!

If it was a matured Divine Dragon with a powerful ability, it could even purify Rui Ze’s demonic Qi in his body, leading him to drop a few realms instantly!

But Jun Sihan’s Divine Dragon was still in an infancy stage, so its purification capability was limited. That alone could prevent Rui Ze’s body from automatically healing itself.

To Li Moying and Jun Sihan, this was sufficient!

The two of them grabbed the chance and under both ancient spiritual beasts’ coordination, they unleashed their attacks with all their might at Rui Ze!

Rui Ze pushed ahead with desperate resistance. The blood devil pill which he swallowed could give rise to a large amount of blood vigor, but it could only last for a short time. In the end, he slowly lost his energy and fell dead under Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s swords.

A loud “boom” was heard.

Rui Ze fell heavily to the ground. Blood flowed out from his seven orifices and he laid there motionless.

The two of them used their soul trace to check and verify that Rui Ze was indeed dead before they heaved a sigh of relief.

Li Moying wiped the sweat off his forehead, only to find that his entire shirt was drenched in sweat!

This battle against Sky Devil Rui Ze might not be the most arduous battle that he had been through. But the tremendous amount of pressure that he faced was absolutely the first!

A Sky Devil mid-phase strong practitioner’s aura and suppression weren’t like any ordinary practitioner. If it wasn’t because Li Moying and Jun Sihan had powerful soul traces, they might not even be able to say a word in front of Rui Ze, not to mention fight with him!

After the battle ended, Little Qilin leaned forward and rubbed its head affectionally against Li Moying’s neck.

Li Moying patted its little head and smiled, “It’s been hard on you!”

Little Qilin waved its tail, apparently extremely happy. It rubbed itself on Li Moying again before vanishing in mid-air.

After all, it was still an underaged spiritual beast. Numbing a top exponent like Rui Ze sapped its energy. So Li Moying quickly kept it away to rest.

Jun Sihan’s little Divine Dragon wasn’t that cute. It swung its tail at Jun Sihan and said with a tsundere look, “I’m helping you because of my beautiful sister. No need for thanks!”

Saying that, it also disappeared with a “whoosh”!

“Tee hee—!”

Jun Sihan was at a loss for words when he suddenly heard someone giggling from a distance away.

The two men turned their heads around and saw Huang Yueli climbing out from a corner. Her face was filled with gloating over their misfortune. “Hahaha, it’s so funny! Brother Jun, your status in the family doesn’t seem very high!”

Jun Sihan shot a glance at her and didn’t say a word.

Li Moying shook his head helplessly. “Alright, don’t laugh at Brother Jun! Are you injured? Come over and let me take a look.”

He stretched out his hand towards Huang Yueli and she instantly pounced towards him.

Moreover, when she fell into his arms, she immediately started touching him everywhere.

“What are you doing?” Li Moying hurriedly grabbed her small hands.

He was just feeling hot from the fight. But after she touched him like this, an evil heat instantly aroused in him.