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Chapter 3219: Assassinate Sky Devil Rui Ze (2)

“Go urge them right now! Tell the northwest campsite’s Commanding Officer to send me the blood pills immediately! I will wait for one more day, at most! If I don’t see the blood pills tomorrow, I will slaughter him!” Sky Devil Rui Ze said with bloodshot eyes.

The guards hurriedly responded and scrambled out of the room.

Rui Ze snorted coldly and his eyes shifted to an elderly man in the corner.

There were three gold-colored pill furnaces in front of the elderly man.

These three pill furnaces might look the same as those ordinary pill furnaces that God Realm’s Spiritual Armament Masters use. But if one took a careful look, they would discover that the side of the pill furnace had a suspicious red print. Even the smoke that dissipated out from the pill furnace was reeking of blood!

This was because these three pill furnaces were especially used to refine blood pills!

Whereas this elderly man was an extremely famous Blood Pill Master in the demon tribe!

Blood Pill Masters were completely different from Spiritual Alchemists.

Only those who possessed the demon tribe’s bloodline can become Blood Pill Masters. Moreover, they need to mix human or god clan practitioners’ blood essence into every kind of pill they refine.

There were even some kind of miraculous pills that required the use of the devil’s blood essence to refine!

“Master Jin, are my pills done or not?” Sky Devil Rui Ze asked coldly.


Master Jin’s eyes were half-closed as he sat in front of the pill furnace without saying a single word.

Earlier, Sky Devil Rui Ze had flown into a huge rage and the entire cave was filled with his demonic qi and suppression. But Master Jin seemed as though he felt nothing. There wasn’t even any change in his expression at all.

Hearing Rui Ze’s question, he slowly opened his eyes and said unhurriedly, “Lord Rui Ze, refining blood pills takes time and we can’t be hasty while doing that!”

Rui Ze was filled with anxiety. Hearing his unhurried tone, he grew even more frustrated. But he barely remembered that the elderly man in front of him was one of the most famous Blood Pill Masters in the demon tribe. Even Devil Overlord grade experts had to show him face.

So Rui Ze suppressed his anger and said, “But the allied armies had sent a few top experts over. I don’t know if they will make trouble for me while I’m injured, so I have to treat my injuries as soon as possible! I need these three pills!”

Following Rui Ze’s words, the three pill furnaces suddenly gave off a strange sound. It sounded as though something was struggling inside, trying to come out. Moreover, it sounded as though it was crying in pain.

Master Jin replied in the same tone, “Lord Rui Ze, if the pills you wanted are ordinary blood pills, I have a way to speed up the process of molding the pills so that you can treat your injuries first. But what you want to refine now are blood devil pills! Moreover, it’s three god clan Heart Profound Realm practitioners’ blood devil pills! That isn’t so simple!”

“If we want to make the pills have a stronger effect, then we need to spend more time to refine the pills. The more torment these three god clan practitioners suffer, the more intense the pain, the more grievances they would nurse. Only in that way would the blood devil pills gain more blood vigor!”

“So, Lord Rui Ze, you’d better make a decision yourself.”

It wasn’t that Rui Ze didn’t understand this logic. But if his injury did not recover, there was a possibility that his realm might drop. Adding on to the faint ominous feeling in his heart, this made him lose his usual cool.

Hearing Master Jin’s words, he gritted his teeth.

“Forget it, what you say is right! We’ve finally captured three living Heart Profound Realm god clan practitioners, so these three blood devil pills are really hard to come by! I can’t let it go to waste!”