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Chapter 3218: Assassinate Sky Devil Rui Ze (1)

However, before they could make a sound, Li Moying and Jun Sihan appeared at the cave entrance like ghosts.

Without seeing any obvious movements from them, the two Earth Devils silently fell to the ground. Their eyeballs rolled back and they looked like they were dead!

Behind them, thousands of soldiers were dumbstruck. None of them believed in what they had just seen.

No matter what, those were Earth Devil mid-phase top experts! They actually… died without putting up any resistance?

It was especially so for Commander Hu and the others. Their feelings were extremely complicated.

If it was in terms of cultivation level, there was no distinct difference between the three Commanders, Li Moying and Jun Sihan. But in terms of actual combat power, they were a world of difference!

This was the difference between ordinary practitioners and true ancient god clan geniuses!

Huang Yueli was all smiles as she looked at her husband. She immediately fawned on him, “Moying, you’re so incredible!”

After praising him, she turned toward Jun Sihan and said, “Brother Jun, come in with us. I’ll be responsible for clearing all the mechanisms in front before Yunxi comes in with the rest of the troops!”

Jun Sihan nodded but didn’t immediately follow them. He walked next to Xia Yunxi and lowered his head as he mumbled in her ear, “Little Xi, I’ve left my guards and Cloudy Qilin Clan’s guards with you! Their battle power is very strong and they will guard you throughout. There shouldn’t be any problem, but don’t involve yourself in danger, got it?”

“I know, I know! You’ve already said that countless times!” Xia Yunxi felt that moss was about to grow out from her ears!


Jun Sihan felt helpless. Adding on to the fact that Li Moying was urging him from the other end of the route, he left unwillingly.

In the depths of the cave.

Sky Devil Rui Ze sat cross-legged as he adjusted his breathing to recuperate from his internal injury.

That day, his closed door cultivation had been interrupted by Jing Zhihai and the others. It might seem like he was extremely ferocious, rushing in hot pursuit to the demon tribe’s campsite after defeating Jing Zhihai and the others, and almost killed every single person in the allied armies!

But in reality, only he knew how serious the damages to his meridians were. If not for this, he wouldn’t have escaped after a few rounds of blows from Li Moying and Jun Sihan!

Under this situation, it was naturally best to immediately go into closed door cultivation.

But after the campsite in the north had been destroyed by the allied armies, the number of blood pills that were supplied to him had drastically decreased. There wasn’t enough for him to treat his injuries, much less solidify his foundation!

Hence, Rui Ze had been waiting for the past few days!

He had been waiting for a few demon tribe campsites which were further away to deliver new batches of blood pills.

“What’s going on? Why haven’t the blood pills from the northwest campsite been delivered today?” Rui Ze asked gloomily.

The guard standing in front of him caught his cold glare and his hair stood on end.

“Reporting…. to Lord, not… not yet…”

“A bunch of trash! Isn’t I just asked for 1000 blood pills and they haven’t even delivered them after such a long time! It’s been three days already! Trash, simply a bunch of trash!” Rui Ze howled in exasperation!

The guard hurriedly hung his head low in fright, not daring to breathe loudly at all.

Without blood pills, there was no way to heal Rui Ze’s internal injury. Moreover, the pain that was caused by the injury in the meridians would torment him day and night, making his temper even more irascible!