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Chapter 3217: Listen To My Wife’s Commands (5) 

Huang Yueli walked to the side of a White Spot Birch and carefully observed it. She took out a dagger and made a marking on the tree trunk.

After that, she turned around and took 20 steps towards the South before she stopped once again. She made another similar marking on the White Spot Birch tree trunk in front of her.

Following that, she walked 30 steps towards the East and marked another White Spot Birch…

The fourth and the fifth tree as well…

Commander Hu and the others who were watching her by the side were all puzzled.

“This… what’s going on? What is Commander Li doing??”

“I totally can’t understand! So, this is what an Array Master does when they are trying to decode the array?”

“I don’t understand, totally don’t understand!”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, but they didn’t dare to make any sound in case they interrupted Huang Yueli. Hence they could only suppress their voices and discuss in secret.

On the other hand, Li Moying and Jun Sihan stood in a corner of the forest as they waited patiently, silently watching the two young ladies’ movements.

They might look carefree, but in fact, their full attention was placed on their wives. They were prepared to immediately rush over to save them if any accident were to happen.


Luckily, Huang Yueli’s level of array skills was indeed not bad. She went around the forest several times and made different markings on different birch trunks.

Just as everyone had become giddy from watching her go round and round, she suddenly stood upright, raised her right hand, and snapped her finger.

“Alright, it’s done!”

“Huh??” Commander Hu and the others were almost about to fall asleep from watching her go round in circles. Hearing what Huang Yueli said, they couldn’t react in time.

Huang Yueli continued to say, “Now everyone, move back further. I’m going to activate the cave’s entrance now!”

With a crash—

Everyone hurriedly retreated. At the same time, they put up a stance as though the enemy was about to approach them or as though thousands of poisonous arrows would be released from the cave, which could turn them into porcupines at any moment!

Huang Yueli took a look at them and was rather speechless.

“You guys need not be so anxious. I will never commit this kind of low level mistake! The skills of those Spiritual Armament Masters that the demon tribe abducted are pretty low, and this mechanism isn’t very powerful. I’ve already destroyed it. It’s only the invisibility array that is a little difficult to decode.”

As she spoke, Huang Yueli raised her right hand and dozens of flying daggers shot out from her arms. It struck one big tree in front of her and a distinct cyclic totem appeared on the tree trunk.

Following that, the ground started to shake!



The ground kept trembling and the ordinary soldiers revealed terrified expressions. But under the various commanders’ strict orders, none of them did anything overly excessive.

After a quarter of an hour, the tremors stopped. Two rows of White Spot Birch sunk downwards simultaneously in front of them, revealing an entrance to a cave at the back.

Commander Xiao’s eyes widened in shock. “This… the back is actually a cave! Wasn’t it just a forest there earlier?”

Huang Yueli smiled faintly and said, “That’s why this is called the invisibility array! It makes use of Heaven and Earth Profound Qi to disrupt everyone’s vision, making you develop a disillusion. Alright, now everyone can prepare yourselves…”

Huang Yueli’s sentence had just ended when two Earth Devil mid-phase guards walked out from the cave’s entrance.

“Who is so bold to dare come to disturb Lord Rui Ze again…”

They were in the middle of their sentence when the two of them suddenly saw the allied armies’ soldiers standing in front of the cave. They shuddered with fear and subconsciously wanted to shout!