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Chapter 3216: Listen To My Wife’s Commands (4)

Li Moying’s action was very light and quick. He merely touched her slightly and swiftly raised his head, letting her go.

“Little fox, you must be very careful when we reach the cave!

Huang Yueli nodded her head earnestly. “You must be careful too!”

Li Moying gave a faint smile. After he saw her jumping up on the horse and looking at him impatiently, he followed suit and chased after her.

Sky Devi Rui Ze’s closed door cultivation location was just around 200 miles from their allied armies’ campsite.

Six hours later, the allied armies entered a huge forest.

“Everyone… stop. Rest on the spot!”

Xia Yunxi gave the command and all the soldiers stopped marching.

She frowned slightly, turned the horse around, and walked next to Huang Yueli, who was at the end of the line.


Huang Yueli had been with Li Moying, riding the horse together. They slowly trudged along behind the entire troop and talked softly. Upon hearing Xia Yunxi’s voice, she hurriedly turned around and took a look. “Yunxi, have we arrived?”


Xia Yunxi nodded. “According to the indications on Divine Lieutenant’s map, our distance is very near to the cave now. But on the map, the cave’s entrance is distributed over a large area. It’s said to change according to the time of the day, and it’s very difficult to differentiate it from the outside.”

Huang Yueli’s lips curled and she smiled. “I know. Yunxi, leave it to me now! Just get prepared to fight any moment.”

Saying that, she squeezed her leg gently into the horse’s body and it trotted to the front of the line.

Xia Yunxi also turned her horse around to follow her.

“Li’er…” Li Moying wanted to bid his little fox goodbye or something but in the end, Huang Yueli didn’t even look at him…

Li Moying frowned slightly. When he turned his head to one side, he saw Jun Sihan who was not far away from him.

Jun Sihan sat on the horse and looked at Xia Yunxi’s departing figure from afar.

Detecting Li Moying’s gaze, he turned around and the both of them showed a bitter smile. Their hearts were filled with melancholy.

Their little women were rather disciplined when they dealt with military affairs. They were not any weaker than those experienced Commanding Officers in the allied armies.

But from their looks, they had evidently cast their husbands out of their minds…

Huang Yueli came to the front of the line and asked Xia Yunxi, “Is this place where the indications are on the map?”

Xia Yunxi nodded and replied, “To be precise, it starts from the west of the lake and ends at the east of this forest. Divine Lieutenant had already marked out all the places in this area.”

“That’s such a huge boundary…” Huang Yueli frowned and seemed to be in a dilemma. “If we start searching like this, it takes a long time and would take at least one to two days…”

Saying that, she suddenly thought of something and looked at Xia Yunxi, “Yunxi, what ideas do you have?”

Xia Yunxi thought for a moment and said, “I feel that the possibility of the entrance over at the east side is higher!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s vision followed according to the direction that she was pointing in. After observing it for a short moment, she smiled.

“Yunxi, thanks! Your instinct is always so accurate! Wait for my good news!”

Saying that, she strode towards the forest in the east.

There were various tall and short shrubs in this forest. The majority of trees found here were the extremely tall White Spot Birch. Its truck was so tall that it shot right through the clouds.

There were many plants around the White Spot Birch, especially various kinds of vines around the tree trunk.