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Chapter 3215: Listen To My Wife’s Commands (3)  

Commander Hu and the others immediately responded, “Yes, we understand!”

Li Yukun was still a little unassured. He paused for a moment and emphasized, “No matter what idea you have in mind, you must put her command in the first place!”

Commander Hu spoke with a solemn expression, “Divine Lieutenant, please don’t worry. We will not commit the same mistake as what Jing Zhihai did!”

“Sigh, Jing Zhihai…”

Hearing Commander Hu mentioning Jing Zhihai, Li Yukun couldn’t help but sigh.

“Based on his age and ability, originally he would rise to the position of Divine Lieutenant very quickly. He would also gain a very high position in White Tiger Clan. But he’s simply too competitive… you must take him as a deterrent example! In the allied armies, each soldier must be united as one. The crucial point to obtaining victory is when we disregard personal gains and losses!”

“Yes, This Subordinate understands!” The three commanders replied in unison.

Following that, Li Yukun, Huang Yueli, and the others confirmed some fine details of the operation before they were dismissed. All of them went back to make the necessary preparations.

Returning to their tents, both Young Lords were extremely displeased with their wives. They acted tsundere for a long time to make their wives coax them for an entire three days. They only resumed back to normal just when they were about to set off.

Three days later in the night.


Commander Hu, Commander Xiao, and Commander Yang each led their troops and lined up nearly in front of the vacant land in the campsite as they waited for the command.

The campsite’s soldiers had suffered severe losses over the past few days. Only 500 to 600 soldiers from Jing Zhihai and the other two commanders’ teams managed to return, so Li Yukun didn’t assign any new commanders. He simply assigned the remaining soldiers to join the other commanders’ teams.

Li Moying grabbed Huang Yueli’s hand and they walked out into the campsite.

She looked around and discovered that after three days of rest, all the soldiers appeared invigorated. Moreover, they were full of desire to fight!

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Huang Yueli nodded in satisfaction. “It seems that everyone is already prepared! All I have to say is if we manage to kill Sky Devil Rui Ze successfully this time, not only will our campsite be extricated from the calamity, but the entire Blessed City crisis will also be removed! All of us will obtain a large amount of military merit and we will also receive medals from the allied armies Headquarters! We’ll either make or break!”

All the soldiers looked at Huang Yueli. Although they didn’t say anything, their eyes have already revealed their desire for victory and military merits!

Huang Yueli raised her right hand and said, “Alright, let’s set off!”

Hearing her command, all the soldiers immediately obeyed without any hesitation.

Previously when Huang Yueli led them to launch a surprise attack on the demon tribe’s campsite, it had already raised her reputation greatly. In the eyes of ordinary soldiers, her status was on par with Divine Lieutenant Li Yukun!

Li Moying stood just two steps away from Huang Yueli, and his gaze had been fixed on her without shifting away at all.

Looking at Huang Yueli commanding the troops so well, his lips involuntarily curled upwards into a smile.

“She’s indeed my little fox! Her ability is so strong! There are so many allied army veterans here, but they submitted to her so cheerfully…”

Huang Yueli watched the troops set off, and she was preparing to leave as well.

Suddenly, just as she turned around, someone clasped her wrist.

“What…” Her eyes grew wide with astonishment.

Li Moying held on to her from behind, lowered his head, and left a light peck on the corner of her lips.