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Chapter 3209: Precious Spiritual Armament Master (2)  

“At this moment, what he really needs is to consume a large number of blood pills to help him replenish his blood vigor. But the nearest north campsite had already been destroyed by us. Rui Ze would find it hard to obtain sufficient blood pills at such a short time, and he would be relatively weakened.”

Huang Yueli was enlightened. “That’s right, this is indeed a good opportunity! If we capture the right timing and sneak an attack on Rui Ze while he’s weak, we will definitely be able to defeat him! But…”

Huang Yueli paused and frowned as she asked, “But according to what Divine Lieutenant said, defeating him is easy. But killing him.. might not be so easy, right?”

Hearing that, Jun Sihan couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sister-in-law, you have been led astray by Divine Lieutenant Li! Killing a Sky Devil might be difficult for other people, but to us, it’s not difficult at all. You must have forgotten that you and my Little Xi had successfully killed Sky Devil Rui Xuan!”

“Oh! That’s right, I almost forgot about it!” Huang Yueli knocked her head in frustration. “Even a Sky Devil can’t fight against the poison that Yunxi created. Just a small drop of it into their blood, and it will instantly kill the other party!”

Li Moying saw her action and instantly frowned as he grabbed her wrist.

“You’re already very dull, so stop knocking your head!”

Huang Yueli swept a glance at him but didn’t argue back. Because she was carefully thinking of the next step of their plan.

Adding on to all the information that everyone gave, Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s possibility of killing Sky Devil Rui Ze was around 60% or so.


After all, the disparity between both parties was so huge. No matter how heaven-defying their innate talent was, they would undertake a huge risk when they made a move.

But with Li Moying and Jun Sihan’s decisive personalities, as long as the success rate was above 50%, they would definitely make their moves!

Of course, they weren’t just going to battle alone. She and Xia Yunxi, as well as all the allied armies’ soldiers, would expend all their resources to support them.

Just as Huang Yueli was pondering over this, Li Yukun opened his mouth and said again.

“Since Young Lord and Young Master Jun are so confident about killing Rui Ze, then This Subordinate didn’t say any disappointing words. But other than fighting Rui Ze openly, we still have some problems to settle. These matters might be unremarkable, but it’s actually very hard to deal with…”

Huang Yueli asked curiously, “What’s the problem? Divine Lieutenant, please voice out your concerns and we can discuss it.”

Li Yukun said, “Sky Devil Rui Ze had been in closed door cultivation in a cave in the southeast recently. Now that he is injured and gone, he has probably returned to the cave. He has set up a lot of arrays and mechanisms around the cave, not to mention entering the cave. Even finding it is not easy.”

“Jing Zhihai and the others asked the devil for help before they could enter the cave. But we don’t have such convenient conditions. If we want to find the cave, we will have to rely on ourselves to search for it. Moreover, Rui Ze had already suffered a disadvantage once, so he will be much more cautious now and would have activated all the mechanisms around the cave!”

Speaking till here, Li Yukun seemed rather worried. “I heard that the mechanisms around the cave were refined by several Spiritual Armament Masters from the Sky Gem Glass Chamber, whom Rui Ze had abducted. It’s much more powerful as compared to ordinary demon tribe’s mechanisms! Several scouts that I sent out previously died because of those mechanisms!”