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Chapter 3203: Strong-flavored Dog Food (1)

Hearing this, Li Yukun’s face apparently revealed a disappointed look. But he didn’t say a word after hesitating for a moment.

However, Huang Yueli saw his reaction.

She thought for a moment and said, “Divine Lieutenant, yesterday… did Commander Jing and the others return to the campsite?”

Speaking of this matter, Li Yukun instantly grew furious. He slammed his palm on the coffee table causing all the cups to shake.

“I was just about to talk about this! Jing Zhihai and the other two are simply too audacious! If it wasn’t for Young Lord and Young Master Jun who arrived in time, I can’t even imagine what would happen to all of you! Sigh, it’s all my fault for not being able to see through them!”

Huang Yueli originally just asked casually. She didn’t imagine that Li Yukun’s reaction would be so agitated!

She asked in puzzlement, “Divine Lieutenant, this… what’s going on?”

Xia Yunxi was also attracted by this. Her eyes widened and looked at Li Yukun. “What did Jing Zhihai and the others do?”

Li Yukun spoke through gritted teeth, “Yesterday night after both young ladies returned, Old Hu and the others also arrived back shortly after. But there was no sight of Jing Zhihai and the others at all. This morning, as they still hadn’t appeared, I asked Old Hu about the location where you assigned Jing Zhihai and asked him to lead some men over to search for them.”

“Following that… about the matters following that, you’d better ask Old Hu yourself! I’m so angry!”

The more Li Yukun spoke, the angrier he got. His chest instantly felt a dull pain and he almost couldn’t breathe.

Huang Yueli knew that he had not recovered from the injury caused by the battle between Li Yukun and Sky Devil Rui Xuan. Hence she didn’t dare to continue asking him. Instead, she hastily shifted her glance to Commander Hu.

Commander Hu immediately stood out in line. He cupped his fists in greeting and said, “Yes, then allow This Subordinate to explain! This Subordinate headed towards the place where Jing Zhihai and the others were lying in an ambush this morning and discovered that the majority of the soldiers that they brought had remained in the same spot. But all of them looked ashen, and there were even serious injuries and deaths. After interrogation, I found out the truth.”

“Turns out that what Commander Li thought was correct. Yesterday, after we invaded and destroyed the demon tribe’s campsite, they indeed sent someone to seek help from Sky Devil Rui Ze. That devil had indeed been captured by Jing Zhihai, but…”

Commander Hu paused for a moment and Huang Yueli couldn’t help but urge, “But what? Jing Zhihai let the devil soldier go??”

Jun Sihan sat by the side, and he totally couldn’t bear to continue listening. His brows were tightly knitted.

“Speaking of that, White Tiger Clan is also one of the courageous clans among the ancient God clans. Why would their clan’s disciples do such a thing?”

White Tiger Clan had always been a competitive bunch and they were the jealous type. Take the number one genius, Jing Yuanshao from the White Tiger Clan as an example. It was exactly because Li Moying was a god grade genius, that was why Jing Yuanshao issued a challenge to him, disregarding the current setting. This scenario was common within White Tiger Clan.

But White Tiger Clan’s loyalty towards the allied armies was something that everyone knew about.

In history, there had never been any White Tiger Clan clansmen who betrayed the allied armies.

If Jing Zhihai really did that, then that would become the biggest shame of the White Tiger Clan!

Commander Hu hastily shook his head and said, “No, no, he didn’t do that! But Commander Jing wasn’t feeling happy about being sent to lay in ambush for the whole night, and they didn’t manage to earn any military merits. So… so he went to assassinate Sky Devil Rui Ze!”