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Chapter 3116: Li Moying Who Went To The Frontlines (5) 

Meng Dajun naturally wouldn’t lie to them. That meant that Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi really hadn’t been here at all!

Or perhaps, they did come here, but before they met Meng Dajun, they were captured by the demon tribe!

When the two of them thought of this, they frowned deeply, wanting to purge this thought out of their minds!

“Those two young lasses were troublemakers. Now that they were together, if they met with the devil army, surely they should have a way to free themselves… right?”

This point was something that Li Moying and Jun Sihan were very certain about. But after so many days had passed, even if they believed in the two ladies’ capabilities, a bad premonition involuntarily arose in their minds.

In the past few days, they had already visited 10 of the 12 campsites on the frontlines. Mend Dajun’s stronghold was already the 11th!

After searching so many campsites, they still weren’t able to get any clues about Huang Yueli and Xia Yunxi. This started to make the two composed men anxious.

Jun Sihan thought about it and wasn’t feeling convinced. So he said, “Divine Lieutenant Meng, is it convenient for us to check around your campsite? These two people who we are searching for are very proficient in disguise. Perhaps they might be hiding in some corner of the campsite.”

Meng Dajun said in surprise, “This… the campsite’s soldiers need to do rollcall every day. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any unknown people who smuggled in. But if the two of you are not assured, please feel free to go take a look!”

Jun Sihan didn’t stand on ceremony and after saying a word of thanks, he walked out with Li Moying.

The two men went around the entire campsite and took a look at all the soldiers who were alive. But they didn’t find any familiar figures.

They even went through all the corpses, but none of them resembled those two young lasses!

For a second, the two of them didn’t know if they should be feeling disappointed or fortunate.

“At least the two of them are very smart. They aren’t in this pile of unlucky soldiers…” Jun Sihan’s brows were tightly knitted as he said softly, seemingly seeking a feeling of psychological comfort.

Li Moying sighed. “Looks like they really haven’t been here! Let’s hurry and head to the next campsite!”

Jun Sihan said with a heavy heart, “We’ve been searching from the most exterior campsite from the start. The more we advance, the nearer we are to the demon tribe’s control area. That means… the two young lasses are in even more danger! I’m getting more and more worried!”

Li Moying shook his head slightly. “It’s the same for me… but saying all these are of no use. Let’s hurry and grab hold of time tightly. I have a premonition that if we don’t find them soon, there might be big trouble!”

The two of them didn’t dare to waste any more time and headed back to the main tent to let Meng Dajun know that they were leaving.

Meng Dajun was a little worried, so he asked, “Both Young Masters, where are you headed off to next?”

Li Moying casually replied, “We’re prepared to continue searching inwards, heading towards the next campsite in the north.”

Meng Dajun couldn’t help but frown upon hearing that. “Then both of you must be very careful! You might not know but the campsite in the north is in an even more precarious situation than us. One month ago, we received a letter from Divine Lieutenant Li for help, saying that their campsite had been surrounded by the demon tribe!”

Li Moying jolted. “Then? What about now? How’s their situation?”