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Chapter 3075: Long Live Team Leader Li! (2) 

“It’s…It’s only because I can’t join…”

Zheng Yichuan explained while looking embarrassed.

In reality, what he said was indeed the truth. Team 3’s practitioners had lined up into a formation and that was why they could fight against the Earth Devils. Any other people by the side wanting to help couldn’t get involved at all.

If they were to forcibly join in, it would disrupt the human soldiers’ rhythm instead.

Huang Yueli nodded upon hearing that, “I knew you were useless, so what are you waiting for? Move to one side!”

“Oh… yes, yes!”

Zheng Yichuan nodded his head and bowed, as he nudged towards the side.

After he stood straight, he suddenly realized something and thought, “Why am I acting so obediently? That Team Leader Li asked me to move and I just listened to him? On what basis should I listen to that good-for-nothing?”

However, he had already nudged to the side, so wouldn’t it seem weird if he were to walk back to his original position?

Zheng Yichuan was vexed, and could only lift his head to look at the human soldier’s battle situation in the forest.

This time, he suddenly realized that something was wrong with the situation.

Many ordinary devil soldiers’ corpses laid disorderly in the middle of the forest unknowingly, and those corpses belonged to the same team that pursued after them!

“This… this… when did they die? How… how did they die?” Zheng Yichuan’s eyes widened in astonishment, as he looked at his comrade and asked, “Did you kill those devils?”

“We killed them? How is that possible?” His comrade instantly shook his head.

Zheng Yichuan frowned. He was also thinking that those devils shouldn’t have been eliminated by his comrades.

If they really had this kind of ability, they wouldn’t be pursued like street rats by them earlier.

Another comrade spoke up meekly, “Bro… Brother Zheng, I saw it… I saw the person who killed those devils…”

“Who is it? Who killed them?” Before he could finish his sentence, Zheng Yichuan dashed over excitedly and interrogated, “Who is that top expert who did that?”

That person sneaked a glance at Huang Yueli and said, “It’s… it’s Team Leader Li who killed them!”

“Team Leader Li??” Zheng Yichuan was stunned for a moment but instantly frowned. “How can it possibly be Team Leader Li? Did you see it wrongly? How could he possibly have such powerful ability?”

Earlier, Zheng Yichuan and the others were stunned by Team 3’s orderly attack in fighting the Earth Devils, so they didn’t notice the situation around them. But that merely took 10 seconds or slightly more.

Continuously killing the group of more than 20 devils in such a short duration…

Even if they were the most ordinary devil soldiers, it was an extremely difficult feat!

That person would need to be in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase, at the least!

Wasn’t that Li Yuehuang just a good-for-nothing? How could he possibly have such capability?

His comrade was being doubted and instantly became anxious. “Brother Zheng, would I lie to you about this? I saw it with my own eyes earlier! We have all mistook Team Leader Li. His ability is very strong. Earlier when he struck, his speed was astonishingly swift. It was so fast that I didn’t even manage to see his moves and the devils just fell to the ground one after another…”

Recalling the scenario earlier, that person was still unable to recollect his senses.

The flame that followed the sharp blade seemed like a flame from the netherworld that took away one’s soul and spirit. It instantly claimed so many devils’ lives!

If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, he wouldn’t believe that there was such a ridiculous thing in this world!

Hearing him say that, Zheng Yichuan looked at Huang Yueli once again.