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Chapter 3074: Long Live Team Leader Li! (1) 

Team 3’s team members lined into a neat formation and encircled the two Earth Devils in the center.

The two Earth Devils kept brandishing their long swords, wanting to struggle free from the human soldiers’ encirclement.

However, no matter how hard they tried, they weren’t able to find an opening.

Logically speaking, more than 30 human soldiers weren’t two Earth Devils’ match. Surrounding them like this was an extremely foolish way of seeking death.

But Team 3’s practitioners had successfully fended off both Earth Devils’ attacks!

Zheng Yichuan subconsciously rubbed his eyes. He finally understood why his comrades were so stunned.

“Dreaming… I also feel that I’m in a dream… This isn’t possible. How could such a thing have happened!”

If they were Divine Lieutenant’s personal guard regiment, Zheng Yichuan would find it easier to understand this situation.

But Team 3’s ability was something that he was most familiar with. Not to mention the two Earth Devils, even if it was just one Earth Devil, they could not even ward off his attack!

Thinking to himself, “I must be hallucinating…”

Zheng Yichuan and his comrades looked at the scene unfolding in front of them in a daze, feeling as though they had been struck by lightning.

Just at this moment, the two Earth Devils’ demonic qi suddenly rose sharply and their strength also increased by several times. They howled angrily and charged at those two human soldiers, as though they were going to risk everything that they’d got!

Under such an attack, some individual soldiers were at a loss and an opening suddenly appeared.

“Oh no!!”

Zheng Yichuan and the others trembled in fear and wanted to rush forward to save them. But they were too far away, and couldn’t make it in time.

Moreover, based on their ability, they weren’t able to ward off the Earth Devil’s attacks as well…

“Why are you in a daze? Group 2, quickly fill up the gap! Group 1, change the formation!”

At this moment, a cold voice was heard coming from Zheng Yichuan’s right rear.

Hearing this command, the human soldiers were all inspired and their spirits were roused immediately.

They swiftly followed the command and after a round of hard work, they finally managed to secure the battle, forcing the two Earth Devils back into their encirclement.

Zheng Yichuan and the others were stunned and subconsciously turned to look in the direction of the voice.

Under a tall tree stood a slightly slim figure, leaning against the tree trunk.

The other humans were soaked in blood. But in comparison, he stood upright with his arms wrapped around his chest. He looked extremely leisurely, as though he was sunbathing in his own rear courtyard.

Detecting Zheng Yichuan’s gaze, Huang Yueli turned around to take a look.

Zheng Yichuan then caught sight of that face that was in the tree shade, and he instantly shrieked out in surprise.

“Y… Y… You… You are Li Yuehuang!”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose in displeasure and said, “I’m your superior, and I even saved your life. Why are you so disrespectful?”

“B… But…”

Zheng Yichuan stammered, feeling not very well at all!

Although the young man was Team 3’s Team Leader and it was very normal for him to appear at this place. But he somehow felt that something was amiss…


Zheng Yichuan finally sobered up and couldn’t help but say, “All the soldiers are fighting against the demon tribe. As their team leader, how can you hide behind alone??”

Huang Yueli swept him a glance and said, “Aren’t you also hiding behind to watch the show? Where do you find the cheek to say that about me?”

Zheng Yichuan’s face flushed into a deep shade of red.