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Chapter 3073: Unexpected Choice (4)

Seeing Huang Yueli slowly increasing the stakes, the human soldiers were very worried when she would fail and cause the entire team to die.

Huang Yueli looked at their anxious looks and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Why, don’t trust me? Have I ever duped you guys before this?”

“N… No…” The soldiers shook their heads furiously and said, “B… But…”

Hearing them hemming and hawing, Huang Yueli waved her hand helplessly. “Enough, stop nagging. If we continue to drag this, your Brother Zheng will really be dead!”

In the forest a distance away, Zheng Yichuan had already been surrounded by a few devil soldiers.

And those two Earth Devils were getting closer and closer…

The soldiers hurriedly shut their mouths.

Huang Yueli calmly arranged, “Everyone will split into 4 groups. Group 1 will go round the third tree on the right. Group 2… Group 3…”

In the depths of the forest, Zheng Yichuan was madly exhibiting his Profound Skills, putting up a final struggle.

Although he had already tried his best and killed two of the devil soldiers, there were more than 20 devil soldiers who chased after him. Among the six team members that came along with him, one of them had already died in the demon tribe’s hands when they were escaping.

The remaining few people who were under the encirclement of the demon tribe were slowly losing the strength to ward them off…

What was worse was two Earth Devils were walking towards him.

Zheng Yichuan was just thinking that there was no possibility of him escaping…

“Human, enough of the cat and mouse game. I’ve already lost my patience so just quietly wait and die!”

One of the Earth Devil pulled out the long sword hanging around his waist and slashed it down towards Zheng Yichuan’s head.

Zheng Yichuan lost all hope and shut his eyes as he prepared for the moment of death.

However, he shut his eyes for some time but he didn’t feel any pain. Not only so, but the devil’s angry howl also rang beside his ears.

“Damn it! Damn it! Where did these humans pop out from??”

Hearing that, Zheng Yichuan hurriedly opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings.

His teammates from Team 3 had unknowingly scuttered out from the forest, and they were fighting with the devils.

Before Zheng Yichuan could see the situation clearly, he shouted, “You guys… why have you guys come? I specially ran to this side, you guys… why did you guys come over to dig your graves? Sigh!!”

He was devastated.

Originally Zheng Yichuan felt that he should do a good deed to lure the demon tribe away from his teammates before he died.

But whoever knew that these people came chasing up to him…

If they died because of him, he would never be able to rest in peace…

Zheng Yichuan was so vexed that he really wished that he could kill himself immediately.

But just at this moment, one of the soldiers who had defected from the team with him suddenly shouted, “Bro… Brother Zheng, look. Quickly look! I… am I dreaming?”

“I wish that I am dreaming. I… I’ve become the sinner who caused the entire team to die!”

Zheng Yichuan was still indulged in his frustrations. Although he heard his comrades speak, he didn’t lift his head to look at all.

His comrade tugged his sleeve. “No, I don’t mean that! Brother Zheng, quickly look. Our teammates blocked off the Earth Devil’s attacks!! Heavens, they’re so incredible!”

“W… What??”

Zheng Yichuan abruptly lifted his head and was completely stunned by what he saw!