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Chapter 3065: Execute Those Who Defect (2)

“Team… Team Leader, this group of devils is too difficult to deal with. Furthermore, there are two Earth Devils! We… we’d better retreat!” Someone spoke out weakly.

“That’s right. Team Leader, we’d better search around again to see if there are any other devils…”

“We also want to earn military merits, but this… this…”

The human soldiers all started to turn tail. “No matter what, we must be alive to spend the military merits that we earn! No one wants to be killed just to earn a few more military merits.”

Huang Yueli shot a cold glance at them and sneered coldly, “What did I say earlier? You’re as timid as a mouse, are you even fit to be an officer? Stop talking nonsense. Everyone, follow me and charge!”

Due to Huang Yueli’s astonishing performance at the granary earlier, she managed to establish enough prestige among the human practitioners.

So when they saw her charging over, the soldiers merely hesitated for a short while, and chose to charge with her!

Seeing Huang Yueli’s confident look, they wondered, “Is his ability stronger than what we thought? Can he deal with two Earth Devils alone??”

This sort of matter might sound ridiculous.

But every single thing that Huang Yueli did today was out of everyone’s expectations. So many of them subconsciously felt that she might have the ability to do so!

In this manner, the human soldiers quickly rushed to the front of the devils.

“Alert! Alert!”

“Humans have appeared!!”

The demon tribe’s senses were extremely acute. They instantly discovered Team 3’s practitioners and started to raise their weapons.

But when they saw who those people were, they heaved a sigh of relief. Some devils even burst out into laughter.

“Aren’t these humans comical? Are they trying to sneak an attack on us with these soldiers with such weak cultivations? Aren’t they digging their own graves? Ha ha ha ha, it’s too funny!”

“But they came just in time. I was still worrying that we won’t be able to establish any merits from transporting these items! Quick, let’s deal with those silly human practitioners. We can offer their blood essence to Lord Ruize!” One of the Earth Devils guffawed.

“That’s right. Guys, attack!” The other Earth Devil gave his order.

The devils were just waiting for this sentence as they immediately rushed forward while shouting.

However, when both parties crossed hands, the devil soldiers realized that something was wrong!

These human practitioners looked as though their cultivations were not high, but their attack power was astonishingly strong!

The devils had not expected Team 3’s practitioners to be holding the standardized Spirit Armament that Huang Yueli personally refined. On the surface, it looked very normal. But it could drastically raise the practitioner’s battle power!

The devil soldiers’ inferior weapons couldn’t be compared with those Spirit Armaments at all.

Due to the weapons that the human soldiers were holding, their attacks were unstoppable.

The demon tribe was pushed back under the strong force. Some of them even died on the spot.

The two Earth Devils originally were looking listlessly by the side, as they couldn’t be bothered to lend a helping hand. But on seeing this scenario, they couldn’t sit back any longer.

“Damn humans, why are they so powerful today?”

“Looks like I have to personally show you some colours today!”

The Earth Devils drew their weapons and charged into the chaotic crowd.

The human soldiers shivered and hastily retreated.

Just at this moment, Huang Yueli’s athletic figure scuttered out from a corner. The long sword in her hand was already unsheathed, as she pointed straight at the Earth Devils!