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Chapter 3064: Execute Those Who Defect (1)

If Huang Yueil wasn’t here, they would not be able to defend the granary!

Those soldiers under her were so undisciplined that she couldn’t stand it!

Hearing what Huang Yueli said, the soldiers broke out in cold sweat as they hung their heads in shame, not daring to meet her gaze.

Huang Yueli knew that just giving them a few warnings wasn’t enough to scare them. But she wasn’t in a hurry.

She thought about it and said, “Now, those devil soldiers which attacked the granary have been killed by us. None of them managed to escape to leak out the news. Looks like the granary should be safe. Following this, we’ll leave five people here to be responsible for activating the defense array. The rest of you will come with me. I’ll lead you to earn military merits!”

Hearing that, Team 3’s soldiers were invigorated!

As human practitioners, risking their lives on the battlefield was a way to train their Profound Skills. Besides that, the most important objective was to earn more military merits!

Military merits not only could be used to exchange for stronger cultivation methods and Profound Skills and high tiered medicinal pills or Spirit Armaments. More importantly, it was a reflection of one’s status!

Who wouldn’t wish to kill more devils on the battlefield?

But the demon tribe was not so easy to provoke. Their battle power was much higher than same leveled human practitioners. So it wasn’t easy for ordinary soldiers to earn military merits at all.

Especially during these times when the demon tribe attacks them in full force, it would be great if they could return to the campsite alive. To the majority of them, anyone who hopes to kill a few more devils was simply daydreaming!

But now, when Huang Yueli said that, it made Team 3’s members see some hope.

Everyone had just witnessed how powerful Huang Yueli was.

With such a powerful practitioner leading the team, there might be able to kill some devil soldiers who had deviated from their teams!

Thinking of this, the human soldiers raised their voices and said in unison, “Team Leader, please give your orders!”

Huang Yueli casually pointed at five people and asked them to stay in the granary. After that, she led the remaining soldiers into the forest as those five people sent them off in an extremely begrudged look.

If it was usual times, Huang Yueli would naturally not be able to compare with Xia Yunxi to look for someone.

But at this important moment where both armies were having a crossfire, then searching for the enemy would be much simpler.

“If we take a detour from here, we will reach the allied armies and demon tribe’s main forces in just around three to four miles away. If the demon tribe has a team transporting resources or acting as sentry guards, the best hiding spot should be…”

Huang Yueli observed the surroundings as she slowly calculated.

During this kind of moment, everything the devil soldiers did was to aid in the victory on the battlefield.

So, there were just these few hiding spots where they could be.

Huang Yueli quickly deduced one position. Lifting her hand slightly, she indicated for the soldiers behind her to follow her closely.

A team of them approached the depths of the forest sneakily. As expected, they saw a group of over 20 devil soldiers from a distance away, who were transporting carts of resources in the forest.

From their numbers, the number of Huang Yueli’s team was even greater.

But there were two Earth Devils in that group of devil soldiers!

Originally, Huang Yueli’s soldiers were already prepared to attack. But when they saw the two Earth Devils, they instantly cowered.